This year marks the 40th anniversary and 11th edition of the wildly popular French maritime event.

The brand’s scientists focused on molecular technology, and their innovations came to define Valmont as a leader in creating products that work to improve skin at the cellular level.

The making of an ultra-thin watch is not a shrinking of an existing model, but a notable undertaking—and Bulgari effectively demonstrates why it continues as best in class.

Renowned Italian cabinetry design by Scavolini comes to Toronto’s new luxury development, the Selby.

The Toronto-based apparel brand whose pursuit of creating the perfect T-shirt became much more than a singular accomplishment.

The Italian fashion house unveils a multilevel galleria that is part exhibition space, part retail space, part dining space.

Swiss watchmakers are creating their own rainbows using diamonds and gemstones to speak volumes about colour.

Ferris Wheel Press is set to become Canada’s illustrious purveyor of stationery, fountain pens, inks, and notebooks.

Set deep in the Yucatán jungle, among Mayan ruins and sacred sites, Chablé is a more modern Mexican temple—the kind built for relaxation.

The British multinational financial institution has rolled out a lifestyle program alongside its private banking and wealth management services.

Simon Holloway, creative director of Agnona, manifests an affinity for the particularly Italian way of blending the traditional with the contemporary.

North Vosges Regional Park in northeastern France is the fairy-tale setting and forest home of Saint-Louis, the country’s oldest and most venerable cristallerie.

The latest expression in Glenfiddich’s Experimental Series, designed to inspire unusual and unexpected whiskies, draws inspiration from Canada.

This year, not one but three new expressions of champagne hit the market at the same time.

For more than a century, in a large studio on Via Garibaldi in Rome’s Trastevere district, the hands of masterful artisans have moved across glass like those of musicians playing their instruments.

In the small town of Gragnano, Italy, members of the Zampino family are custodians of a nation’s pasta tradition.

In 2006, Alexander Vik purchased 11,000 acres of undeveloped land in Chile’s Millahue Valley to create a winery where nothing had been before. His goal? “To enter the great pantheon of wines in the world.”

The latest venture from Mission Hill Family Estate proprietor Anthony von Mandl is a winery created in honour of his late father.

A new 396-page book from Kim Bozak and Rita Field-Marsham celebrates Canadians who embody freedom and expression.

With Belvedere Bespoke—once reserved for the likes of one-name wonders (think Drake, Madonna, LeBron)—cocktail lovers can now customize their own Silver Saber.

With its remote location halfway between capital city San José and the Nicaraguan border to the north, Nayara Springs specializes in seclusion.

Staying at Gran Meliá Rome is like being an external insider—in the know, yet choosing to look on from a distinctly advantageous perch.

A few years ago, Aperol and Prosecco was very much an Italian thing. Fast-forward to today, and the Aperol Spritz is on its way to becoming the world’s aperitivo.

Part coffee bar, part pop-up retail space, part art gallery, and part automobile showroom, Cadillac House is a place to socialize—not a place to sell cars.

Alessandro Pavia and Lycia Giola are a husband-and-wife team of art restorers.

The lives and work of artisans at the forefront of the American craft movement.

Embrace the ancient wisdom of Ayurvedic medicine among India’s rugged Aravalli Range.

Alan Faena has master-planned an arts, entertainment, and residential development that spans six city blocks along the Mid-Beach area of Miami Beach to create a utopian city-within-a-city: the Faena District.

LVMH properties, Berluti and Krug, collaborate for the creation of limited edition bags designed to hold the respective brands’ coveted champagne and shoes.

In the world of baking, panettone is a perplexity. It has produced a precipice of untold awe, anxiety, and failure in many pastry chefs attempting it.

The Gansevoort’s newest outpost in the Caribbean brings a Miami sensibility to the DR—über-cool, look-at-me digs.

Richard Ginori’s tableware epitomizes Italian excellence as some of the finest porcelain the world over. The company is a grand combination of industry and craftsmanship wrapped in a rich history of good taste.

No one figures more prominently in the history and development of Whistler Blackcomb than Hugh Smythe, having played a role in almost all of the key moments of its development.

Australian winemaker Penfolds collaborates with Saint-Louis on a project to celebrate the winery’s latest release: its 2012 Grange in the very limited edition Imperial size (a six-litre bottle).

You’ve heard it said many times: “No two snowflakes are alike.” It’s the same with ski resorts. Some are large, some are small, some are friendly, others impersonal. Some push the limits of the best skiers while others make them yawn. But like the humble snowflakes on which they depend, each resort has its own personality.

The Piovano family are Roman restorers, specializing in carving, gilding, micromosaics, engraving, and sculpting.

From the frilly fascinator to the 1920s-style wool cloche, each piece from Antica Manifattura Cappelli is made to measure and Made in Italy.

FROM THE ARCHIVE:Native American folklore is woven into Arizona’s history, and tales of pusillanimous villains and heroic outlaws abound from the cowboy years, making the state a real-life adventure land.

Miraval provides choose-as-you-please rejuvenation. No matter how one decides to spend their time, ocean views and sound of rolling waves make for a paradisiacal backdrop to a luxurious escape.

The natural world seems larger than life in Washington State, where towering conifers drip with lush green mosses and volcanoes sit quietly.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: Swiss watchmaker Omega holds the coveted role of official timekeeper for the Olympic Games, and it has an array of high-tech innovations to make sure its results are absolutely and unquestionably accurate.

The Conservatorium Hotel, a melding of ancient and ultra-modern, falls not far short of perfect.

Meditation is one of those things that has intrigued me for a while. I’m not one for the Zen life: too impatient for yoga, too hungry for juice cleanses, too Italian not to drink lots of wine.

There is a growing emphasis on meditation’s benefits for mental balance and well-being and the St. Regis Bahia Beach resort in Puerto Rico has tapped into the mindfulness of travel offering the Be Here, Be Now program.

A spa is a spa is a spa. Once upon a time that was the case but today, the spa has been elevated to revered status and the hotel spa, a class of distinction.

It is more than using the right cleanser and moisturizer. It is more than exfoliation and masking. It is more than a genetic difference. It’s a lifestyle.

There is bread. And then there is bread. There is espresso. And then there is espresso.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: One of only 20 hotels in the world to be awarded LEED Gold certification, the 85-room Allison Inn & Spa is the pinnacle of Northwest elegance.

The European Fine Art Fair (TEFAF) is universally regarded as the world’s leading art fair, with old master, antique, and contemporary dealers from around the world convening annually in Maastricht since 1988.

For its third maison, Cheval Blanc transformed the 40-key Hotel Saint-Barth Isle de France to Cheval Blanc St-Barth Isle de France: rooms, suites, and villas individually decorated in easy-but-elegant West Indies style with a distinctive French flair.

It seems the global weather system is getting weirder and less predictable. And on the contentious but important subject of global warming? The study of how wine will react to climate change is one small but telling piece of the larger story of how agriculture as a whole will endure.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: Founded in the 1950s, Paris-based Club Méditerranée—better known as Club Med—was the first all-inclusive resort company. In the decades since, the French brand has evolved.

Kobe Bryant, as the saying goes, gets better with age—a trait that’s earned him the nickname Vino among his peers.

Not long ago, it seemed that DIY online bookings would make travel agents a thing of the past. Instead, the sector is rebounding. Enter Virtuoso, a luxury travel advising service that goes far beyond taking your reservation.

There is a perception about champagne that has placed it in the celebratory corner. We pop it on New Year’s, births and birthdays, weddings and divorces, and spray each other with it when we win major championships—but we don’t drink (enough of) it.

Skiing means lots of gear. The good news is you no longer have to lug it with you. Enter Get Outfitted, a web service that rents clothing, equipment, and accessories—whether a warmer parka or a package of everything you need to get out on the slopes.

As a result of the Art Car series, BMW has had a role in some of the most beautiful cars ever seen on the race track. There are more to come.

“The sound of a drink being poured tells you expectations about temperature, perhaps viscosity, also carbonation, and the quality of the drink in the glass. All that before you have taken your first sip.”

Anyone who cares about design cares about all the things around them: what looks the best, works the best, and says the most about them. Whether purchased with a purposeful eye to make a statement or purchased without a conscious knowledge of why, the type of car one drives says a lot about personality.

Officially listed as a Heritage Icon of South Australia, Grange boasts an unbroken line of vintages from the experimental 1951, and demonstrates the synergy between shiraz and the growing region’s soil and climate.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: From one long stretch of Mediterranean the gods wrought two Rivieras—Italian and French—what’s your pleasure? Travel and live on olives, pesto, and espresso, but decline to take this sun-blessed pocket of coastline for granted. The exposure to such gorgeousness could spoil you for life.

The moon is such a familiar sight we often don’t give it a second glance. Yet it was not that long ago that Omega and the rest of the world looked to the moon.

On November 7, the sixth biennial Only Watch auction will take place to raise money for the Monaco Association Against Muscular Dystrophy.

In recent years, automobile manufacturers have responded to the increased demand for “personal” with special designer editions created in collaboration with fashion houses.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: Adrien Brody does not give off the smooth-talking, sound bite–heavy suaveness that defines so many of his contemporaries. He is eloquent and humble, his voice deep and his laugh infectious, his words thoughtful and sincere.

A revival in traditional ways and “simple living” is driving a voracious interest in the wild, the pristine, and the organic—three terms that are epitomized in Seaflora, a certified-organic skin-care line of seaweed-based products.

At the base of Mission Hill Family Estate’s monumental bell tower is a cast-iron sculpture affixed to a rectangular block of granite. The sculpture is emblematic of the winery’s proprietor. Whether it’s ski jumping or empire building, with Anthony von Mandl, it’s all about how far you can fly.

For a large portion of northern hemisphere travellers, a holiday often means following the sun south. To Hawaii, the South Pacific, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean.