Hermès Beauty Launches Le Regard

A makeup collection dedicated to the eyes.

Hermes Beauty Le Regard

The Hermès Beauty collection is growing. The first chapter, Rouge, launched in 2020, was devoted to the lips, followed by Rose for the cheeks and Les Mains for the hands and nails. What was missing was a repertoire dedicated to the eyes. Enter Le Regard, an eye-makeup collection that is, to state the obvious, desirable. Eye shadow in Hermès orange? Yes, please. Bottle-green and shimmering-gold powders? Perfect for the holidays.

The eyeshadows come in six colour variations (to be applied with the finger or brush), and each refillable palette is housed in a Bauhaus-style palm-sized compact. The mascara is not limited to black and brown but is available in a total of six shades, including burgundy, azure, green, and violet. The collection would not be complete without the proper application tools, so there are several shadow brushes, a brow brush, and a lash curler, which may well be the highlight of the collection. The satin-finish black-metal objet is stamped with HERMÈS on the gold-metal clamp and accented with a blue silicone pad, which comes with a replacement.

The beauty market is overcrowded, but Hermès Beauty is distinctive and stands out thanks to its packaging, designed by Pierre Hardy. “The shape and colour of the objects are what makes them visible and emotive for us. What makes them appeal to us,” says Hardy, creator of Hermès Beauty. The French maison has a knack for creating desire no matter the category—be it a bag or blue mascara—and Hermès fans keep wanting more.


Le Regard Hermès