The Dior Spa at Hôtel Plaza Athénée Gets a Makeover

In the heart of Paris.

The Dior Spa at Hôtel Plaza Athénée

Dior and Hôtel Plaza Athénée have an enduring relationship. When Christian Dior opened his couture atelier across the street at 30 Avenue Montaigne, he showed his first collection at the hotel in 1947 (continuing to do so for many years). And when Dior was looking to create a beauty sanctuary in the heart of Paris, the hotel was the natural setting for the first Dior Spa. After 25 years, the spa has undergone a makeover and reopened with a new look.

Descending the stairs of the iconic red-awning-trimmed façade hotel to spa level is entering a Dior universe of wellbeing (which houses a shoe box-sized gym with coveted Dior Maison yoga mats and Technogym for Dior exercise balls). The sanctuary of beige is accented with gold, branded toile de Jouy pillows and cashmere throws, perhaps every Dior tome ever published, La Collection Privée perfumes, Rouge Premier, and Dior Maison accessories artfully orchestrated throughout. A marble fountain with the sculpted Dior star (Christian Dior’s lucky charm) is where the gentle sound of trickling water sends you in a state of deep relaxation. And while there are no windows in the spa, the sophisticated mix of LED lights reproduces the brightness of a sunny sky.




While there are all the fixings one would expect of a luxury spa, including a Dior Beauty Salon, the most notable is the state-of-the-art Dior Light Suite. Here, the sun rises and sets on command (via the lights scattered across the ceiling), and where everyone finds themselves under the effect of chromo vibrations orchestrated on three levels of intensity: energizing, relaxing, or restorative. The goal is to retune the circadian and chronobiological rhythms in order to combat jet lag, encourage the body to feel re-energized, or strengthen the ability of your dermis to withstand stress and pollution. As the light changes on a fixed rotation the therapist massages for 90 minutes with an almond-rose oil that will have you breathing in so deep to get more of the intoxicating smell.

All the treatments—offering too numerous to count—are tailored to each guest, making each experience highly personal; think haute-couture for the skin and soul.



The Dior Spa


The Dior Spa in Paris