Octola Private Wilderness Reserve

A real-life wonderland.

Aerial overview Octola

There is a place so far north that the neighbours are not people but animals. In Rovaniemi, Lapland, above the Arctic Circle, resides Octola, the ultimate luxury getaway. The low-lying timber lodge is nestled so seductively in the hinterland that not even Google Maps will tell you the exact location. Here, reindeer roam freely and silence surrounds you. Arrival at this off-the-radar estate is by snowmobile or dog sled. It’s also accessible by car, and for those so inclined, there is a helipad.


Octola dining head


Octola dining with christmas tree



Octola room


Octola is a stay like no other, drawing a distinguished crowd that become enchanted in childlike wonder. The resort comprises a 10-room lodge and one two-bedroom villa—think modern glass house with wood-clad walls for a cozy cabin feel and views of the northern lights from every angle. With infrastructure built from scratch, electricity wind generated, heating geothermal, and all water filtered from the property’s own natural spring, this is a place with as little environmental impact as possible. Bespoke itineraries are designed to create connections to the land and culture, and all menus are personalized by the Octola chefs.


Window view from sauna

Hotel room bathroom



Octola wilderness retreat


Exterior of building with trees with snow


Auroras Octola