The Dolce Vita of Il Tornabuoni Hotel, Florence

Renaissance maximalist.

Hotel Il Tornabuoni in Florence

Via Tornabuoni is the most elegant street in Florence. Pedestrianized years ago, it puts you within five to 10 minutes’ walking distance from the city’s landmarks. Il Tornabuoni, whose 62 rooms and suites complete the historic Palazzo Minerbetti, is full Renaissance maximalist: jewel tones cover walls and ceilings, and velvet is everywhere. There’s a certain dolce vita overall. Signature suites include Number 124, the Beatrice, with an original fresco from the 13th century; the Trinità, Number 311, offering various views of Florence; and Lorenzo Il Magnifico, Suite 315, a design fiesta of pink and turquoise. The namesake Tornabuoni, Suite 504, is the penthouse.