Celebrate 25: A Quarter-Century of Memorable Images

Celebrating 25: A Quarter-Century of Memorable Images

Visual moments that represent the best of NUVO’s 25 years.

Anniversaries are a time to reflect, an occasion to fete. NUVO is a magazine that has covered stage and screen, music and art, design and fashion, food and drink, travel and transportation—in short, life. It is a collection of words and pictures delivered in a package that is unexpected and oblivious to trend, wonderfully out of sync with the times while still right on trend—even ahead of it.

The world has changed radically over these 25 years, and NUVO is a sociological reflection of what is around us: the rise of new brands and designers, the fading of others; the growing relevance of essential values such as sustainability, ethics, and inclusion; the technological revolution along with the return to craftsmanship. And while these changes anticipate a different future for those who create and those who consume, one truth is immutable: NUVO will always maintain its identity as a form of escapism, art, and individual expression. We celebrate these 25 years of history with you with the same passion with which we will continue reflecting the world around us. Leafing through past issues, from the very beginning to the present, was a journey through time, with plenty of distractions. This collection of images showcases the sheer number of momentous moments the magazine has had.

A shoutout and thank you to everyone who has been a part of the NUVO story, everyone who has collaborated over these 25 years, and everyone who enables the dream to continue to be printed in the form of a magazine. Today’s magazine is different from yesterday’s, but the collection of narratives and photographs has you coming back for more. Ultimately, NUVO feels ageless—the type of title deserving of everyone’s attention, coffee table, and admiration. Here’s to 25 more!






Celebrate 25 Years of NUVO



Celebrate a Quarter-Century of NUVO



Celebrate 25 Years of Memorable Images in NUVO


Celebrate A Quarter-Century of Memorable Images in NUVO




Celebrate 25: A Quarter-Century of Memorable Images in NUVO