For Canadians, Montreal represents a kind of bohemian paradise: a culturally rich, architecturally arresting, walkable city with great shopping and an even better food scene. Luckily, for Ontarians, Canada’s answer to Paris is a short drive, flight, or train ride away. For a luxurious stay in the city, look no further than Sofitel Montreal Golden Mile.

Winter is coming—and so is ski season. But before you pull out your parents’ neon one-piece from the ’80s, consider Après-Ski, a new seven-piece capsule collection of high-performance skiwear from Canadian outerwear brand Quartz Co. designed in collaboration with womenswear designer Marie-Ève Lecavalier.

Noah Reid knows his genre of music isn’t exactly made for radio play. Alt-rock isn’t the most culturally relevant right now, he says. “I’m not trying to write hit songs. I just am writing from my own perspective.”