All Eyes Are on Antoni Porowski as Queer Eye Returns for Another Season

NUVO hangs out with one of the Fab Five.


Queer Eye season 8 is out tomorrow on Netflix. Resident food and wine expert Antoni Porowski and the rest of the Fab Five return to New Orleans again, this time touching down with a new set of folks including a former nun to the football coach for the Louisiana School for the Deaf. “I still continue to love it after all these years. It continues to be an honour,” Porowski says. “I saw this season as an opportunity to put a spotlight on some of these incredible people that are just trying to go out and be the best versions of themselves.”

Just like the original series, which premiered in 2003 and ran for four seasons, Queer Eye evolved from a sleeper hit to a global success. It’s also just as ground-breaking. The series delivers hope, joy and connection as LGBTQ+ rights are imperilled. It’s “for those people who’ve neglected their own personal lives, and other people who are really showing up for their community but neglecting themselves or their families or whatever it is and they want to change,” says Porowski.

This season, he is just as game for whatever happens—especially when it comes to the food. For one, he tried raccoon for the first time (“it’s sulfuric and eggy and urine-y”) and immersed himself in the Creole and Cajun influences in the Crescent City’s culinary scene. What else can viewers expect? “It’s gonna be a lot of sleeveless shirts,” he says. “It was like 150,000 degrees. We’re all sweating all the time, but we’re still doing our things.”

Look out for more of Antoni Porowski in our upcoming Spring Edition, Issue 100, set to release on February 20.

Photographer Malina Corpadean. Stylist Patrick Vimbor. Grooming Steven Turpin using Tom Ford Beauty and Oribe. Photographer Assistant Mylène Castilloux. Stylist Assistant Laura Malisan. Techs Martin Savoie, Martin Beaulieu. Videographer Lucho Calderon.