With the publication of their new recipe book, the Juice Truck team hopes to share their wholesome practices with a wider audience.

Social distancing has re-introduced the art of the picnic to our everyday lives, for many it has become their only form of engagement with their friends. Paris-based, Franco-American chef Justin Kent shares some insight into how to make a picnic special.

Canada may not have a reputation for its chocolate manufacturing the way, say, Switzerland does, yet the Maritimes were a shipping hub for sugar, spices, and molasses imported from the Caribbean around the turn of the century, and as a result, the confectionery industry historically flourished.

Sure, there’s the adage “What’s old is new,” but does that really explain why the world’s original alcoholic beverage is creating buzz again?

Though every Canadian region has its sweet specialties, many are unknown beyond their particular places of origin—which is a shame, because they’re all delicious.

In honour of Canada day we are once again asking ourselves, what does the morning meal entail in different parts of the country?

FROM THE ARCHIVE: Vancouver-based food blogger Mijune Pak has made a career out of a lifelong obsession with scrawling thousand-word food journal entries.

The Singapore-born, New York–based author’s Crazy Rich Asians trilogy explores the unbelievable lives of Asia’s elite.

Each seal conveys a different message—some are talismans encouraging inspiration, others represent safety, optimism, and parental devotion.

While it may lack the instant and dramatic impact of injectables or surgery, face massage is a powerful tool with the capacity to create noticeable aesthetic results.

Canadian chip companies adding crunch to the country’s snacking landscape.

Five scents, each carefully composed by master perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud in the company’s Grasse, France–based parfumerie, capture expressions of masculine energy.

Thanks to a collaboration between Missoni and pool floaty makers Funboy, an elegant set of butterfly wings is eligible for addition to your floating menagerie.

The Biennale’s current theme intends to encourage the re-exploration of prevailing belief systems.

Its location—between the excitement of L.A. and the lush wine regions further north, also makes Santa Barbara a convenient addition to any coastal California itinerary.

A culinary program aims to connect locals and visitors alike with passionate home cooks for charming, friendly cooking classes.

The mystique of winemaker François Morissette’s nonconformist Niagara winery has been enhanced by a new addition to the property: the Restaurant at Pearl Morissette.

A new exhibition urges viewers to think deeply and critically of what they see when face to face with another.

A cultural experience, wilderness retreat, and luxury vacation at once, to stay at Ocean House is to be a guest in a mystically beautiful world.

Norwegian graphic designer Marit Hovland may not have professional experience as a baker, but that has no bearing on the merit of her first cookbook—Bakeland: Nordic Treats Inspired by Nature.

It’s be five years since Vancouver’s Sonia Chhinji and Fouad Farraj began Woodlot by handmaking soaps and candles in their own kitchen using all-natural ingredients.

With only four products—a styling foam, a dry shampoo, a hair oil, and a masque—Voir’s products have been developed to deliver results and leave no residue behind.

Beth Bugdaycay, founder of Foundrae jewellery, created her line in part to help catalyze meaningful conversations.

A Q&A with Vreeland on her film documenting the illustrious career of Sir Cecil Beaton.

Nita Lake Lodge has had strong bones for 10 years; after a charming new stylistic refresh, its future looks bright as well.

With an aesthetic that melds art deco with futuristic sleekness, the two-storey, 22,000-square-foot space houses a multitude of concepts relevant to the modern sybarite.

What began as a handful of EVA silhouettes has evolved into a selection of sneakers, sandals, and boots for all seasons—and now, the Vancouver-based company’s first bricks-and-mortar location.

The mall is facing a restructuring of epic proportions, one that promises to transform it from a humble—though high-performing—retail centre into a “little piece of a microcity.”

Canadian lingerie line Fortnight has branched out, offering swimwear for the first time.

“Positioning Black contemporary art in the core of the ROM is a gesture of establishing presence…”

In the era of personalization, Coach Create offers a bag nobody has.

A new limited-edition collection from Drake’s brand October’s Very Own and Canada Goose.

As far as an annual tradition to incorporate into one’s holiday routine, a DIY wreath feels creative, contemplative, and celebratory.

With many events on the horizon, a lick of magmatic Rouge Louboutin Metalissime could very well be your secret weapon.

When the Polygon Gallery opens this November in North Vancouver’s lower Lonsdale neighbourhood, it will mark the completion of a project roughly four decades in the making.

For those curious to peek into one of London’s most exciting kitchens, Claridge’s: The Cookbook is a delicious read.

Tiffany & Co. unveils the opulent new Blue Box Café at its Fifth Avenue flagship.

At this restaurant, Japanese ingredients and philosophies overlay a base of classical French techniques, and are served with simple grace.

With its costume competitions, treats, and atmosphere of mischief, Halloween is Canada’s dominant masquerade festival—but it’s not our only one.

If you identify as a foodie (or refuse to identify as a “foodie” because, oy, but essentially are one regardless) you know that a trip to Portland, Oregon, will not be a vacation in the traditional sense.

The Duniway is charming, centrally-located, and thoughtfully redesigned—a warm home for any visit to the City of Roses.

For years, the Skin Girls provided esthetic treatments in pseudo-secrecy for its celebrity clientele. Now, with a new move to a large space in Vancouver’s Yaletown neighbourhood, things have changed—slightly.

Few things have the ability to delight as reliably as a swirly cone of soft serve—especially one that has been dunked in liquid chocolate.

Though the aroma of the forest is a muse to many perfumers, fougère fragrances—the family of green and woody scents—are still considered somewhat niche.

While Saskatoon has always had one of the highest number of restaurants per capita in Canada, casual fare long dominated the scene—that is until MacKay’s homecoming.

Set to launch in October 2017, the new Remai Modern will be an artist-centred institution unlike any Saskatchewan has seen.

The sequel to Rosen’s 2014 best-selling book, Toronto Eats is an approachable guide to standout meals from the city’s vibrant culinary scene.

Have you heard about the skin-care line made by a beautiful woman who married a nobleman and inherited the ancient fountain of youth that had been preserved by his family for hundreds of years?

Felines and flora combine in Chicago-based artist Stephen Eichhorn’s playful book of collages.

Long a fixture in the Inglewood neighbourhood, Deane House has been imbued with new life.