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Foundrae Jewellery

Beth Bugdaycay’s mystic symbols.  

Foundrae Jewellery

Though susceptible to being considered purely ornamental, jewellery is in fact a deft tool of communication; one can learn much from observing a person’s jewellery, and even more from asking them about it. Beth Bugdaycay, founder of Foundrae jewellery, created her line in part to help catalyze meaningful conversations—a feat the chains, pendants, and cigar band rings accomplish by being ideally suited for purchase to commemorate a life event or represent a personal value.

Foundrae’s designs incorporate a set of international symbols—arrows, triangles, crescent moons, stars—which represent any of the line’s eight central tenets: strength, karma, dreams, protection, wholeness, passion, true love, resilience. “I see them as tools for our customer, a way to self-reflect, bring you forward, and inspire the next chapter,” explains Bugdaycay of the symbols’ significance.

The jewellery lends itself well to collection—the chains, especially, call to be layered like a good story.

She should know all about what’s required to brave new fronts: Bugdaycay founded her line after leaving Rebecca Taylor, the highly successful ready-to-wear fashion line she co-founded, to pursue her interest in jewellery. This transition was not without its anxieties, though Bugdaycay gracefully channeled them into her work. “I wanted to express something that was very personal to me—the idea that everything you want is inside you and the idea is bringing it out and being willing to take that risk in order to push yourself,” she says.

Foundrae incorporates champlevé enamelling, a complicated technique used to create rich colours, as well as 18-karat gold, diamonds, and small gemstones. The jewellery lends itself well to collection—the chains, especially, call to be layered like a good story. As of April 2018, Foundrae’s first brick-and-mortar location—a 2,200-square-foot space in a 151-year-old landmark building—opens in New York’s Tribeca neighbourhood. Inside, visitors may learn about the symbol of the lion, an emblem of dignity and confidence, and the crescent moon, which stands for growth. Surely, a Foundrae piece within the collection will resonate with you—for reasons only you can explain.


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