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Leisure Center

A boutique of the future.

Acutely avant-garde store Leisure Center is situated in a Casper Mueller Kneer Architects–designed former warehouse in Vancouver’s Yaletown.

With an aesthetic that melds art deco with futuristic sleekness, the two-storey, 22,000-square-foot space houses a multitude of concepts relevant to the modern sybarite—a “well-being bar” dispensing plant-based tonics, tomes curated by London’s Donlon Books, sections dedicated to natural cosmetics and homewares, contemporary clothing, and art, the focal piece being Ramble On, a sculpture crafted from a vintage Camaro by Vancouver artist Myfanwy MacLeod.

Boutique founders Mason Wu and MuYun Li ensured that the design incorporated a sufficient amount of negative space, so that no element is crowded. Welcome to the boutique of the future.

Leisure Center, 950 Homer St, Vancouver, BC.

Photos provided by Leisure Center.


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