Father’s Day at The West Coast Fishing Club

Fathers are notoriously hard to buy gifts for—this is fact timeworn and true. As such, filial creativity is required for a memorable Father’s Day—it’s not what you buy, but what you and your dad do together that resonates.

The Clubhouse on Langara Island, which at 35,000 square feet is the most stately and sophisticated of The West Coast Fishing Club’s three Haida Gwaii properties, has long been an ideal spot to whisk dad away to for a weekend of fishing for salmon and halibut, but as of this year The Clubhouse is offering something new.

From June 17 to 21, The Clubhouse hosts Les Stroud, the creator and star of Survivorman, a Canadian TV series which he writes, tapes, and hosts solo, all while surviving in remote and harsh locales with little in the way of food and supplies. Les is joined by his son, Logan, with whom he shot a special called “Survivorman & Son” for Survivorman’s eighth season. Together, the Strouds will host the Clubhouse’s inaugural Father’s Day weekend, emceeing, telling stories about backcountry survival, sharing video from their trips, and even performing music. “This will be a wonderful Father’s Day excursion [we will be] fishing to our heart’s content, challenging each other I’m sure,” says Les in a filmed release. In coming years, The Clubhouse will host similar Father’s Day events with different hosts.

A weekend in the wilderness, accompanied by celebrity survivalists and elevated by exemplary service—The West Coast Fishing Club may have created your new Father’s Day tradition.


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