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Kit Kat Chocolatory, Toronto

A sweet pop-up.

The technique best used to eat a Kit Kat may be up for discussion (many say taking a chomp without snapping a section off first is sacrilege) but thoroughly inarguable is the bar’s status as a chocolate capstone—over 10,000 voters recently established the dipped wafers as the “world’s best chocolate bar”.

So, Torontonians should consider themselves lucky this month, as the first Canadian Kit Kat Chocolatory—one of the brand’s exclusive mini-chocolate factories at which visitors may create their own bars—is popping-up temporarily on Queen Street West. At the Chocolatory, one can not only personalize their bar with fruit, nuts, spices, and other add-ins, create their own packaging, and pick up limited-edition flavours like caramel popcorn and almond, raspberry, rose, and hibiscus, and caramel, pretzel, and pecan, but try Nestlé’s most hyped new debut in decades: ruby chocolate, the “recently-discovered fourth variety” of chocolate, with a rosy hue and natural berry taste that sets it apart from white, milk, and dark. Granted, the jury is still out on whether ruby chocolate is a confectionery innovation, or a marketing one, but either way it satisfies the Millennial longings for both new treats and pink things.

Novelty-seekers and sweet teeth alike will not be disappointed—no matter the colour or flavour of your bar, Toronto’s Kit Kat Chocolatory is a very fun place to take a break.

The Kit Kat Chocolatory, Toronto runs June 1 to June 28, 2018, and is open Monday to Saturday 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Sunday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m on 423 Queen Street West, Toronto.


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