Since the chateau first opened its doors in 1989, it has enchanted visitors with hospitality, keen service, and world-class amenities.

The restaurant unveils its Sakura and Sake menu, available throughout April, emphasizing Japanese flavours and Canadian ingredients.

In celebration of spring’s ephemeral delicacy, Singapore’s TWG Tea releases its Always Sakura tea.

Fine jewellery undergoes a surrealist, pop-art treatment at the hands of Toronto interior designer–turned–jeweller Holly Dyment.

Though every Canadian region has its sweet specialties, many are unknown beyond their particular places of origin—which is a shame, because they’re all delicious.

Toronto-based designer Sid Neigum’s fall/winter 2018 collection comes west for an exclusive showing at BMO Overture: All That Glitters, the Vancouver Opera’s signature philanthropic gala.