The Singapore-born, New York–based author’s Crazy Rich Asians trilogy explores the unbelievable lives of Asia’s elite.

Each seal conveys a different message—some are talismans encouraging inspiration, others represent safety, optimism, and parental devotion.

While it may lack the instant and dramatic impact of injectables or surgery, face massage is a powerful tool with the capacity to create noticeable aesthetic results.

Canadian chip companies adding crunch to the country’s snacking landscape.

Five scents, each carefully composed by master perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud in the company’s Grasse, France–based parfumerie, capture expressions of masculine energy.

Thanks to a collaboration between Missoni and pool floaty makers Funboy, an elegant set of butterfly wings is eligible for addition to your floating menagerie.

The Biennale’s current theme intends to encourage the re-exploration of prevailing belief systems.