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TWG Tea’s Mooncake Collection

Festive mid-autumn sweets.  

Beginning this autumn, Vancouver’s TWG Tea is crafting mooncakes for the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival in-house, making for an assortment of pastries singular for their incorporation of exquisite teas. Tea has long accompanied sweets, but in the Lotus Jade Mooncake collection, it is infused into the hearts of more traditional creations like the Daydream—a lotus paste–filled red pastry crust with a centre of Red Balloon Tea-scented blueberry purée, and into the mousseline fillings of lighter, more contemporary snowskin cakes, which have chewy rice flour casings and white chocolate spheres filled with marmalade at their cores. For those unsure of which treat to try, a TWG “tea personality questionnaire” is on hand, for guests to selection their preferences—do you like light or strong flavours? Your tea milky, sweet, or plain?—and be matched with a mooncake. The delicacies have proven popular—and are only available until October 4. Visit before supplies wane.


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