At the foot of the Arenal Volcano in northern Costa Rica, a network of thermal pools and rivers braids through a lush rainforest reserve. It is where Tabacón Thermal Resort and Spa was founded with the aim of protecting this jungle ecosystem while allowing guests to reap the healing benefits of the hot springs.

Bangkok is a city of contrasts, where modernity coincides with tradition. Tuk tuks whizz by at top speed, and modern buildings tower overhead, creating a captivating cityscape. There is so much to discover in Bangkok by meandering along the city streets and through the neighbourhoods, each one distinctive.

A canal house built in 1675 is now the epitome of contemporary design in the Netherlands. The neglected building was transformed into a residential oasis by the interior architecture firm i29, which reimagined it as a bright home with unexpected views and a minimalist yet quirky design.

For those of us wanting a break from beer and wine but without the requisite skill to craft a delicious cocktail at home, there is hope. Enter Vancouver’s Please Bottling Co., the brand looking to shake up the RTD world with an eye toward local, seasonal flavours and a welcoming bricks-and-mortar experience.

Costa Smeralda, an artful new book released by Assouline this July, celebrates this singular vision with richly coloured archival photographs. The introduction recounts how the project transformed the coast into a playground for the international jet-set and includes quotes from visitors like Giorgio Armani and George Clooney.

Surrounded by the green pastures of the Austrian Alps, with cow bells ringing in the distance, a stay at the Gasthof Krone is a leisurely experience. Whether it’s enjoying deliciously crisp cream pastries in the library or a well-chilled Austrian wine in the restaurant, life’s little pleasures are celebrated in the historic hotel in Austria’s alpine region.

Canadian lifestyle brand Canada Goose launched its fall/winter campaign, featuring an all-female cast photographed by legendary American photographer Annie Leibovitz. Shot in the Scottish Highlands, the images are cinematic and haunting, with overcast skies creating a moody backdrop to the new outerwear offerings.

This week chef Hung Nguyen from Vancouver’s beloved neighbourhood joint B House Restaurant has provided a fantastic recipe for the French toast of your dreams. It’s a dish good enough to convert even the most pancake-biased friends and family.

In 2014, Apple released its first Health app to much fanfare. It was designed to help people monitor things like weight, height, and sodium intake. And yet one basic metric that billions of people monitor regularly wasn’t included: periods.

By showcasing Tibi’s versatility, delivered with the effortless chill she exudes, Amy Smilovic is her own best advertisement, extending the Tibi brand to include a space for a community of like-minded, no-nonsense style enthusiasts.

From coast to coast and everywhere in between, aquavit’s popularity has grown over the past few years—and as with the recent gin boom, there is surprising diversity in the Canadian aquavit landscape, depending on where the distillery is located.

Loren Teetelli spurns 21st-century tech to protect ancient jewellery techniques. Awakened by her archeological education and work at leading museums like the American Museum of Natural History, she spent weekends studying metalsmithing to better understand the antiquities around her. Teetelli’s skill with and passion for jewellery quickly overtook her academic career, leading her to move to Southern California and begin …

It’s very unlikely that Marie Antoinette told the French peasantry to eat cake when the grain crop failed in 1789 and left them without bread. But the revolutionaries who later toppled her and King Louis XVI were determined to provide France’s citizens with more than bread: ample supplies of affordable, good-quality wine. In doing so, they laid the foundations for the place of wine in French culture for years to come.

There is a real need and desire for high-end vegan and vegetarian cuisine in Calgary. Now that chef Adam Ryan’s Fire & Flora has opened with aplomb, all those Torontonians and Vancouverites talking about making the big move to the Prairies might finally up and go, even if they’re unsure they’ll be able to handle the hardship of doubling their space at half the price.

This week, Glowbal Restaurant Group’s chef Alex Kim has delivered a fabulous frittata recipe that employs shrimp and scallions to add some flare to your family brunch.

This oasis on a slope overlooking Martis Valley is an assemblage of high design and bucolic intention. The interior and exterior architecture connect the home with the environment—a quiet presence that allows the landscape to resonate.

Interior Design Show Vancouver is making its return next weekend (September 22 to 25). With four days of exhibits, seminars, and speakers, the event is showcasing the best of the best in Canadian design.

Dreams becoming reality—a tangible manifestation of creativity—is the premise of Bulgari’s new docufilm Inside the Dream. Spectators are taken behind the scenes to discover the high jeweller’s creative journey from conceptualization to execution.

In ancient times when men and women were cutting grapevines, they began spreading grapevine sap over their faces, making their skin brighter and more even-toned. But it wasn’t until Mathilde Thomas, co-founder with her husband, Bertrand, of French skin-care brand Caudalie, bottled the storied tale that it became a modern reality.

Warming temperatures, ongoing drought, and urban sprawl are forcing the world to confront one of the oldest technologies: fire. In the modern era, instead of trying to understand wildfire, studying our vulnerabilities to it, and changing our behaviour, we have kept doing the same things, assuming water and fire retardant will solve the problem.

The new Ashley Botten Design (abd) product line started with frustration. Founded in 2004 by Ashley Botten, the firm was working on the interior of a cottage in Muskoka and couldn’t find a vase with the right compositional balance to go with the oversized table. Botten decided to make one, and potter vessels were born.

It’s that time of year again where the art of film takes over the city of Toronto. This year TIFF returns with magnified influence, presenting a screening schedule of thought-provoking films to be celebrated.

Sometimes the best things come as small packages. Leather goods brand Partoem embraces the beauty of the itty bitty with its capsule bag collection, Picolissimo—a play on piccolissimo, “smallest” in Italian.

Nature is a favourite theme of Van Cleef & Arpels. Now, for the Lady Arpels Heures Florales timepiece, the storied jeweller has drawn inspiration from Linnaeus’ Floral Clock, which tells time by observing what hour of the day different plant species open and close their flowers.

When artist Kent Monkman, known for his critiques of recorded history, says he wants to start a dialogue between his paintings and objects from the holdings of an old guard museum, you can guarantee the conversation won’t be an easy one. But you can also be certain it will result in important contributions to socio-political and contemporary-art discourse.

Dubai loves the spectacular: grander, taller, bigger. It’s a place where superlatives are the norm and anything is possible. Few skylines have evolved as much and as fast as Dubai’s. Among the jungle of skyscrapers is a low-rise Arabic-style complex that was one of the first luxury hotels in Dubai: One&Only Royal Mirage.

There’s a saying in Iceland: If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes. And looking out across the vast treeless countryside of South Iceland from Hotel Rangá, you can watch the weather roll in and, just as quickly, roll out. There’s a sense of wild indomitability, pervasive in a place so dependent upon the whims and rhythms of the environment, especially one where they’re as dramatic as in Iceland.

When Louis Vuitton debuted the Tambour in 2002, the French maison established itself as a watchmaker to watch. At the horological workshops in La Chaux-de-Fonds, a town with a proud watchmaking history located not too far from the French village where Mr. Louis Vuitton was born in 1821, is where the first Tambour took shape.

San Francisco is famous for the colourful Victorian and Edwardian homes that line its sloped streets. In the neighbourhood oasis of Noe Valley, Redwood House, built in 1974 by respected architect Albert Lanier, was recently renovated by Studio Terpeluk to echo the city’s colourful streetscape and lively art scene.

The Collecto ethos revolves around fostering the connection that happens when people gather at someone’s home. It’s being at the table that means the most. 

Sardinian romance awaits at Cala di Volpe. The fabled hotel, originally designed by renowned architect Jacques Couëlle in the 1960s, recently completed a thoughtful redesign led by Parisian interior architecture firm Moinard Bétaille.

There’s a place where you can turn your back on the madding world, slow down, and get away from it all to enjoy a simpler way of life. Tucked away in the Sunnmøre region of Norway, boutique travel company 62°NORD waits to welcome you to a quiet paradise and take you on the adventure of a lifetime.

Noah Reid knows his genre of music isn’t exactly made for radio play. Alt-rock isn’t the most culturally relevant right now, he says. “I’m not trying to write hit songs. I just am writing from my own perspective.”

“To me, quality means less. Sustainability means nothing if not rooted in less,” says Nadine Boyd, founder of Ever Amid, a small-batch eco-friendly design and wellness brand. “The better an object or formula, the less will ultimately be required over time.”

“When your work is based on ideas, when your design is a representation of an idea, and you use materials that have a dignity, a certain classic weight to them, then fortunately you’re designing in a more atemporal way.” —Sebastian ErraZuriz

After unveiling a whole new look for its three standard cognacs in early 2022, the iconic brand is back at it with the release of its new XO Royal, an ultrapremium cognac that honours Courvoisier’s long association with Europe’s royal courts.

With crisp autumnal days and misty mornings on the horizon, we wrap ourselves in cozy knits, rich velvets, and textured tweeds.

There are few architects whose work makes one wonder at the wild beauty of dirt. McLean Quinlan is a British firm that reminds us—in a way that should be redundant but is not—that the Earth is made up of animals, vegetables, and minerals animated by light, and it is by weaving these miracles together that we build a home.

A stone’s throw from Lake Como, where celebrities are known to frequent for opulent getaways, is the quiet and quaint Tenuta de l’Annunziata. Located just 20 minutes from Lake Como, in the region of Uggiate Trevano, the Guffanti family have restored an ancient property into a Natural Retreat.

It doesn’t get much better than living by the ocean. Being able to look out your window and see the water, hear the waves crashing, and smell the salty air. This sort of bliss is to be found in the Sea Cliff home by Anacapa Architecture. The gorgeous 3,137-square-foot Santa Barbara home, situated on one acre of land in the coveted Sea Cliff bluff area, has captivating, unobstructed views of the Pacific Ocean and Channel Islands.

Many of Tiffany & Co.’s jewellery designs thoughtfully reflect the brand’s history, and its newest collection, the biggest this year, does that while achieving an effortless and modern aesthetic with collections such as the Tiffany Lock.

A wine bar, surely, should be a drinking establishment where excellent wine leads the charge. The wine list needn’t have hundreds of bottles, but it should be smart and varied, with a decent range by the glass. And the wine should be served well: in good glasses, at the right temperature, and by informed servers.

Today, we’re going to talk about Regimen Lab, which was founded in Toronto by Webster Magcalas, a lab scientist who previously specialized in infectious disease research, and Alex Apostolopoulos, a digital marketer and management consultant. Its raison d’être? Just effective skin care.

Overlooking the glimmering Mediterranean Sea, Fabio Mazzeo’s Villa Cala Volpe ebbs and flows with the topography as if it was sculpted by the wind, exactly as the architects intended. Completed in 2015, the sprawling home spans 14,000 square feet and is surrounded by nearly 54,000 square feet of terraced gardens and infinity pools, unifying indoors and out for the best of country living.

Take a stroll through any airport and you’re bound to see at least a few Away suitcases. The stylish roller bags have become emblematic of those who have mastered the art of travel, skipping lines with a flash of a precheck boarding pass, snoozing in exclusive lounges, and stowing their suitcases in overhead compartments without having to shove, beg, or bribe.