They’re still being made, although some brands have discontinued their contributions to the trend and the new launches aren’t being met with the same hype they once were. So what happened?

The idea sounds a bit nonsensical: buildings informed by boats. Yet lyrical architects have, for over a century, channelled the maritime aesthetic into landlocked architecture. After all, in hospitality, transportive design is a desired luxury.

“Canada” and “castle” are not two words one would immediately place side by side. But indeed there are even more Canadian castles than the famous ones we have all heard of, like Casa Loma and Château Frontenac.

Buying local is a hot topic around Canada. While supporting local farmers, restaurants, retailers, fashion designers, and more, customers are eager to learn about where their goods are from, even when it comes to our cars.

French wines are now judged in the context of the scores of fine wines from around the world, but there is a residual belief that French wines are the benchmark against which wines should be judged.

Peru’s history is in the architecture and stories of the people, like the changing textures in the strata of the Andes, streaming by like a living film reel in the window of the Hiram Bingham.

In Canada, our beauty brands are inclusive and socially conscious, the embodiment of the cliché about Canadian “niceness”. Everyone wants what we’ve got. Read on to find out what to buy from the next generation of quintessentially Canadian beauty brands.

There’s no question that the elephants are the main draw at Anantara Golden Triangle. There are 21 of them roaming the property, which doubles as an elephant sanctuary for animals that have been saved from the circus, the logging industry, or begging on the streets of Bangkok.

In the 1970s, for example, some leading Tuscan producers rebelled against restrictive wine laws and began to make such wines as Ornellaia, Tignanello, and Sassicaia, whose quality quickly made them more expensive than any other Italian wines.

As I hunkered down to work from my apartment in East Vancouver, my mind started to turn more often toward the country where I was born. I understand that many Canadians are inundated by the American news cycle, and for the first time in my life I have received a sustained view of my birthplace from the outside

Although we should’ve been able to predict this, given our reputation for being kind and generous folk, Canadians are uniting in a grassroots movement to help one another out during the coronavirus outbreak, in what has been dubbed “caremongering.”

When we think about high-performance technical fabrics, we tend to picture the kinds of things worn by hardcore outdoor adventurers. These materials have now been adapted for everyday use by countless athleisure brands and have proven their value as #wfh staples.

In the ’60s, a geothermal plant harnessed energy from the earth, and was intended to return the blue water found when drilling back into the earth through the porous lava rock, but the silica hardened and closed up the holes, forming an electric-blue hot spring with the power to heal psoriasis.

Cider, calvados, and camembert. The northern coast of France is home to some delicious trails, one of them being the La Route du Cidre, which takes outdoor enthusiasts on a pilgrimage through some of France’s most delicious sips made from the humble apple.

The latest and most hardcore offering from the French super sports car creator is finally available to buyers, so we are re-visiting our test drive.

Whether you go for a modern, monochromatic pattern or a multicoloured, seventies-perfect iteration of the trend, crochet might just offer the handcrafted charm (and cheer) we need, not to mention it can be a hobby you can take up yourself.

While many wineries tout themselves as such, true destination wineries are those that wine tourists, and sometimes wine nerds, put at the top of their must-visit lists.

On the outskirts of Victoria’s Fernwood neighbourhood, local, sustainably-sourced ingredients converge in Marta Café + Pantry.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure: a cliché, but also a business model for Samuel Soria and Alfonso de Luján, co-founders of Madrid-based eyewear company Parafina.

Most of our work from home set-ups are pretty much private, apart from periodic video chats with coworkers. Late-night hosts, on the other hand, have had to sort out adapting to broadcasting from home while the rest of us watch how their backdrops, wardrobes, and production values evolve. 

Winemakers agree that treating their land with the best possible care produces better wine. The caveat comes, however, when the cost to certify organic or, in some cases, even the expense of hiring additional labour for hand-harvesting, becomes too cumbersome to turn a profit.

The specificity of rudimentary shapes and colours in compound ways illustrate the intersection between form and function so often talked about, but rarely achieved on such a level.

Ellie Mae is an independent retailer with several collections inspired by different eras—the spring-summer collection Retired in Palm Springs is an ode to the 1950s—and a vintage closet made up of classic rock, Harley Davidson, and university alumni T-shirts.

We scoured the web to find the best designer resale shops in Canada, so you don’t have to. Ready to make the old new again? Keep scrolling for 13 Canadian consignment retailers that can’t be missed.

The Middle East meets West in Loveclosely’s designs, which infuse contemporary styles—influenced by the likes of Drôle de Monsieur and Adidas—with motifs inspired by Middle Eastern art, poetry, and architecture.

Without socializing to escape the screen, I find myself checking the infection numbers like someone monitoring a game they have a lot of money riding on. The problems are all compounded.

Architecture firm Native Narrative has heightened the sauna experience, so beloved by Danes, with curated furnishings and materials like aspen timber for a better skin-feel, aromatic trays, and the ability to pull the sauna via trailer hitch to wherever your wanderlust takes you.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: Can you control your dreams? According to Dr. Stephen LaBerge, a world-renowned Stanford University psychophysiologist and an authority on lucid dreaming, the answer is yes.

Canada may not have a reputation for its chocolate manufacturing the way, say, Switzerland does, yet the Maritimes were a shipping hub for sugar, spices, and molasses imported from the Caribbean around the turn of the century, and as a result, the confectionery industry historically flourished.

Marissa Freed is the fourth-generation president of Freed & Freed, a Winnipeg-based garment company that started as a men’s pants manufacturer and has since evolved several times. Her latest contribution to the heritage firm is a sub-brand called FREED, specializing in faux fur outerwear.