These days, more people are heading to medispas—rather than doctors’ offices—to get their jabs and zaps.  Why? Because the best ones offer all the expertise of the clinic with all the luxuries of the day spa.

Adriano Berengo established his glass studio on the Venetian island of Murano in what was an abandoned foundry. Berengo Studio, part atelier and part exhibition space, showcases extraordinary installations of glass works by the world’s leading contemporary artists.

On view in The Costume Institute’s Anna Wintour Costume Center galleries at The Met Fifth Avenue in New York City, the exhibition looks at how Schreier built a treasure-house of 20th century French and American couture and pret-à-porter as artform rather than just sartorial pleasure.

La Bohème arrives in Calgary on November 9th and runs on select days until November 15th, making it a short but very sweet introduction to the date nights during the winter season.

A chef’s career can have many twists and turns, yet you’d be hard pressed to find one that has as many as Jonathan Gushue’s.

Long a staple of the European racing world, Ducati’s recent expansion of Canadian dealerships is largely due to the efforts of its CEO for North America, Jason Chinnock, whose love of motorcycles and the motorcycle community is both ebullient and professional.

When writers send their books out into the world, there is always a hope attached. For Talaga, her hope is that people read the stories, listen to the collective voices, and ask themselves, “What can I do?”

The new book Essential Well Being by beauty entrepreneur and founder of Vitruvi, Sara Panton, focuses on small achievable acts of everyday self care. This quick and easy hair mask is perfect for a Sunday night and best paired with tea or wine while you wait.

Born Rita Claire Mike-Murphy in Pangnirtung, Nunavut (population 1,500), electro-pop artist Riit writes deeply personal songs that incorporate throat singing and are intended to offer support to Indigenous youth.

What does your choice of fragrance say about the tea you like to drink? According to Hoda Paripoush, founder of Sloane Fine Tea Merchants and scent expert, quite a lot. As a tea sommelier she has rounded up the best teas to pair with the best luxury perfumes.

As you’re planning your luxurious weekend exploring the cobblestone streets of Savannah, here are a few upscale recommendations to begin planning your vacation.

In celebration of the latest product from the Future Solution LX range, Shiseido held a traditional dedication ceremony at Shimogamo Shrine, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in Kyoto.

So as you prepare a meal from this year’s harvest – whether of meat, fish, vegetables, grains, or fruit – complement it with an earlier year’s grape harvests.

News flash: all those people ripping through the pages of the Harry Potter novels, the Divergent series, and the Hunger Games trilogy—on their lunch break, on the train home, during that layover at Pearson—not all of them were teenagers.

For more than 90 years, the Porro family has worked closely with artisans and designers to create bespoke modular furniture that marries traditional Italian craftsmanship with innovative manufacturing processes—while staying true to the material itself: wood.

It isn’t a job title the restaurant made up. Nor is it an honour that Tremblay applied for; rather, it’s bestowed by the Junior Council of the Japan Sake Brewers Association on a handful of people—both Japanese and non-Japanese—from around the world each year.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: For half a century David Suzuki has been a cautioning voice about our stewardship of the planet.

We have called upon two sake experts to create the ultimate guide to help you choose the perfect Japanese rice wine.

The list within features bottles from the best gin producers in Canada’s westernmost province, all thoughtful businesspeople who draw inspiration from natural splendour when crafting fine spirits.

In 1964, Kenzo Takada embarked on a grand adventure, leaving Japan for Paris, where he began designing garments the fashion world was not accustomed to. At 80, his energetic approach to fashion continues to enthrall.

Listening to Rhye is an act of introspection. The airiness of frontman Michael Milosh’s vocals flows into the ambience of his beats and instrumentals, evoking an almost meditative experience.

We sat down with Itamar Erez in a steamy Vancouver coffee shop to talk about his new album, his return to this city, the many collaborations and tours he has on the horizon, and the potential for music to soothe the wounds of geopolitical and sectarian strife in the Middle East.