This renovation of a 1930s Tudor-style home in Vancouver’s First Shaughnessy Heritage Conservation Area shows how modern amenities can be seamlessly implemented to bring classic designs into the 21st century.

The couple hired interior designer James McIntyre of McIntyre Bills to transform their century-old property in Calgary’s Mount Royal neighbourhood into a classic yet fashion-forward dwelling able to transport those who enter to London or New York.

In southern Napa Valley, Darioush Khaledi owns and lives at his namesake winery, where his Persian heritage influences everything from the travertine interiors to the hospitality and intricate labels from the Victoria and Albert Museum’s collection of Persian art. Khaledi deems the wine business his “third career,” but Khaledi’s connection to wine, he says, was always palpable. In 5,000 BCE …

American architect Jeanne Gang’s first Canadian project, Toronto’s One Delisle, is a gesture toward a more human-centric skyscraper. NUVO spoke with Gang about the design of the tower, the relationship Toronto has to its natural surroundings, and the firm’s evolving approach to creating innovative high-rise buildings. 

“The simplicity of the architectural composition recalls the small farmhouses and barns of the Lombard countryside, making the house a primitive building devoid of any non-essential element.”

If you’ve been muddling through the past year with occasional professional hair colouring and then progressively higher ponytails and headscarves to hide your roots, you might want to try a colour-depositing hair product.

Attached to the newly opened 1 Hotel Toronto is a dining oasis that shares the same “environment first” ethos as the hotel.

In a global society, we need to be mindful of how we incorporate these traditional and richly significant cultural fashions. “It’s not appropriate for someone outside the culture, who isn’t a chief or matriarch or dancing on behalf of one, to wear a Chilkat or Naaxiin ceremonial robe, because the pieces are for a specific use and there’s something sacred about them,” O’Brien says.

Built by the storied Turkish, shipyard Yildiz Gemi with exterior design by Ginton Naval Architects and Liman, Fifty-Five was created to host an owner, their family, and guests in lavish comfort and style. The three-deck yacht includes six beautifully appointed staterooms to accommodate a dozen passengers.

“I think that being young is just being the closest to God. You don’t worry about anything, you’re happy for no reason, you’re fascinated by everything. That’s the purest form of human. My goal in life is to try and stay as close to that as I can. I think as you grow and as you go through the world, it’s impossible to fully retain it.”

The Officina Santa Maria Novella story officially begins in 1612. But like many Old World stories, especially those tied to the church, its origins predate that. The history of the apothecary dates back to the 13th century when it was a monastic laboratory—Dominican friars began concocting herbal remedies in the convent’s infirmary in the time of Giotto and Dante.

In 2020, when the pandemic hit, Karimi took a moment to seize a new opportunity and launched a ready-to-wear collection. She focused on sustainable ethically made clothes that evoke a timeless elegance.

“Château’s primary inspiration was a nostalgic reflection on my youth in Provence transposed in the hills of Topanga near L.A. where I live. It has a very similar feel, the same pine and wild oak forested hills close to the sea.”

Parading through the villages of the Motor Valley, the MC20 attracts all eyes while the eight-speed dual-clutch transmission engages the gears with exemplary fluidity.

The latest collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Italian decor atelier Fornasetti brings a new dimension to the world of visual creativity and fashion.

Responding to both land and family, the house seems to float on the soft green hills, lounging in articulated space next to the tree-lined watercourse, which hosts blue jays, herons, and pileated woodpeckers.

Embracing contemporary Mykonos culture while still honouring Grecian values—you can tailor your stay to be as gregarious or intimate as you like.

Nature and luxury meet at 1 Hotel’s latest retreat and first Canadian address located in the heart of Toronto. The 112-room property boasts a biophilic design, with in-room houseplants and sustainably sourced wood furnishings courtesy of designer and architect David Rockwell.

The 9,500-square-foot structure features the juxtaposition of concrete and wood, improbable forms, and generous glazing, resulting in a sculptural residence that still complements the dense foliage of its surroundings.

“Our privilege as furniture, object, or interior designers is that we are working at the scale where we are closest to people. People touch what we do, they’re immersed in what we do. I really love this scale because this is where I can control the experience the most.”

Merging the worlds of ballet, performance art, and counterculture, the Kenyan-born Indian-Canadian artist places community at the heart of his work by questioning the status quo and finding hope through resilience.

While the legendary Riggs name may not ring bells today, the bank is one for the history books: 23 presidents—including Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, and Richard Nixon—held accounts here. At one point, the financial firm called itself “the most important bank in the most important city in the world.”

With the announcement of a multiyear deal that also covers the Women’s National Basketball Association and USA Basketball, the French cognac house has become the official spirit of the NBA.

As autumn slowly finds its way back into our lives once again, so do the essences of the season. There is always comfort to be expected when lighting a candle during the fall; the crisp autumn air blows outside, colourful leaves fall to the ground, and you, wrapped in a blanket of warm aromas.

Unttld’s striking designs continue to make an impression. St-Jacques and Bélanger were nominated for Womenswear Designer of the Year three times at the Canadian Arts & Fashion Awards (CAFA).

“It’s a very discreet intervention, but filled with complex technical design features and transformations that are only revealed inside the envelope.”

Because the billionaire race to space has cheapened space—ironically, considering how much money has been spent. It has taken something few have experienced and made it gimmicky.

This humble location disguises lofty ambitions—to shift the narrative of Vancouver’s car scene from imported supercars to bespoke works of design, highlighting the incredible pool of local talent that restores, modifies, tunes, and refines our favourite vehicles.

What started in 2014 as founder and sole designer Mischa Couvrette “smashing things together in a two-car garage” has grown to 15,000 square feet of manufacturing space that puts out a considered line of lighting, furniture, and accessories. Hollis + Morris teams tend toward the minimal with biophilic inspirations—the Willow Sconce is the newest addition to the line’s Bloom Collection.

When travelling to the sublime corners of the country, hikers can equip themselves as exceptionally as the scenery itself. 11 items to help you transition seamlessly from the city to the backwoods in gear that connects form and function.

Being a restaurant in a hotel is notoriously difficult, having to manage the expectations of local and travelling guests, especially during COVID. Miantiao has an additional challenge: the cuisine fuses Italian and Chinese culinary philosophies.

 Off the foggy coast of Nova Scotia lies one of the most enigmatic places on Earth. Often referred to as the Graveyard of the Atlantic with 350 confirmed shipwrecks, Sable Island is steeped in allure and legend. A colony of around 500 resilient wild horses make up the sole full-time inhabitants.

With generous use of reclaimed wood, this Santa Cruz home is a relaxed modern build that channels the beachy vibes of the area and owners.

Pinot noir from the Willamette Valley established Oregon’s wine reputation by the 1990s, and ever since there have been the inevitable discussions about how it compares to pinot noir from Burgundy, considered the grape’s benchmark region.