In the sunshine or the snow, these gifts will keep them happy and comfortable wherever a friend or family member goes next.

Boutique hotel Aka Alexandria, located less than 20 minutes from Washington, D.C., is the first American hotel designed by Lissoni New York.

The Dalmore sources the finest casks to age its whisky from wineries and distilleries around the world, and its new Cask Curation Series pays these partnerships their due.

In Rovaniemi, Lapland, above the Arctic Circle, resides Octola, the ultimate luxury getaway, where arrival is by snowmobile or dog sled.

From beauty to fragrance to chocolate and coffee, gift-openers can look forward to receiving a little luxury each day.

Vancouver artist, Adad Hannah, one of Canada’s most respected artists, breathes life into historical masterpieces in his tableux viviants.

This next iteration of the Pelagos FXD watch from Tudor is a tribute to the watches worn by the United States Navy.

TOBi explores themes as vulnerability, masculinity, and countering negative Black stereotypes across his unapologetic soul music.

Caffe la Tana is giving Vancouverites the opportunity to sample the world’s rarest pasta, su filindeu.

When Mekong Fine Thai Cuisine opened its doors in Creekside Village on Canada Day, it brought an eclectic blend of spices to British Columbia’s Coast Mountains, adding to Whistler’s already diverse gastronomical array of restaurants.

Boston’s Back Bay neighbourhood has a new attraction: Raffles Boston, inspired by the city’s Emerald Necklace.

While British Columbia boasts numerous exceptional snow sports destinations, SilverStar has remained somewhat under the radar.

Working in the Ozark Mountains, the team at Assemblage are on a mission to create the most exquisite handmade wallcoverings on the market.

Blasted Church Winery was founded about 20 years ago and it has gained a reputation (and many awards) for the quality of its wines.

With its blistering top speed of 56 knots, Centouno Navi’s Vespro opened more than a few eyes at Cannes with its power and sleek exterior.

Anthony Cochran Design and Studio AR&D create an architectural innovation, adapting the history of mid-century design for modern purposes.

On a twisty, coastal road in southern Sardinia, the 2024 Ferrari Roma Spider proved comfortable and quick.

With its avant-garde looks, astonishing interior, and impressive performance it is no wonder the Wallywhy150 made such a splash in Cannes.

For those missing beach weather, Chef Alan Older of Vancouver’s Smitty Oyster House on Main Street has provided a traditional Mexican appetizer, pescadillas, inspired by his time living in Playa del Carmen.

Deer Valley offers beginner-friendly terrain, limits on skier numbers, uncompromising customer service and a world-class ski school.

Visual Display transformed a tavern into two-Michelin-starred restaurant Agli Amici 1887, where guests can relax in a serene atmosphere.