From bustling markets to white-tablecloth restaurants, we’ve rounded up our can’t-miss spots and activities in Tel Aviv that are sure bets for foodies.

Gone are the days of kitschy, cloying, flavoured vodkas. The inglorious drinking fad of the 1990s has entered its elegant era, and nowadays brands are releasing refreshingly natural flavoured vodkas made for the ubiquitous drink of the moment: vodka sodas.

Chicago’s Loop district is home to Pendry Chicago in the 1929 Carbide and Carbon Building. Originally designed by Burnham Brothers, the eye-catching 37-storey green terra cotta tower with gold accents was reportedly inspired by a champagne bottle.

Italian elegance meets southern U.S. charm at New York-based firm Meyer Davis’s latest project. Situated in downtown Charleston, Sorelle is more than just a restaurant: three historic townhouses have been revamped to house a central bar, wine room, mercato, separate pizza and pasta counters, and grand dining room.

Ask the rocket man: it’s lonely out in space. Turns out it’s more than a little unhealthy too. It’s not just the difficulty of finding a pharmacy on the International Space Station or a doctor’s office on the moon. Astronauts have to contend with the absence of gravity, the threat of gamma rays, the lack of physical activity, and the mental strain of months away from solid ground. All of it combines to make being a deep space explorer one of the most hazardous jobs on Earth. Or off it.

Good architecture builds windows instead of walls and makes poetry out of practical decisions. Take the cabin at Halfmoon Bay designed by, and for, a partner at Frits de Vries Architects + Associates. Where woods meet water, it’s a retreat for him, his partner, and their yellow lab, Taavi.

Or.nami, the Italian design brand known for its expressive museum-worthy wallpaper, has turned its attention underfoot.

For those unable to make the trek to the cellars of Grand Marnier’s Château de Bourg-Charente, Grande Cuvée Quintessence, the brand’s latest ultrapremium offering, replicates the mood.

The 2024 Jaguar F-Type 75 models are a victory lap, a last hurrah for the V8-engine era, as Jaguar looks ahead to the electrified future.

Red Barn Winery at Jagged Rock is a repurposed barn deep in the vineyards where guests see how vines are tended and wine is made.

West of Hamilton in the town of Dundas, a grand red-brick farmhouse built in 1867 has been reimagined into the HighAcre, a modern boutique inn.

“Isn’t this place amazing? They think of everything,” a patient says unprompted in Paste Dental’s cozy grotto of a waiting room. They are unexpected words for a dental clinic, but Dr. Derek Chung, who opened Paste late last year, is something of an anti-dentist.

Be it a bright photography studio interiors project, a small-town boutique, or a collection of vintage books, the Bettencourts say, “We collect what we love and believe that a home should feel as though it was furnished over time and with pieces that have a sense of personal history to them.” 

In 200-acre historic Selsdon Park 30 minutes from central London, Birch Selsdon, design studio A-nrd’s inaugural hotel project, recently opened its doors. The studio removed many previous modifications to the 19th-century building, restoring its historical character to communal areas like the snug and orangery while introducing modern and timeless elements to the 180-room hotel.

Sarindar Dhaliwal’s upcoming exhibit at the Art Gallery of Ontario encapsulates over 40 years of work, a retrospective of her drawings, mixed media work, large-scale installations, and photographs.

Bombay Sapphire has provided NUVO with its recipe for the Ultimate Tom Collins, a wonderfully zesty twist on the classic summer drink.

When the owners of this house in a heritage enclave of midtown Toronto began to consider what its future might look like, they took a long-range view. The house had stood proudly for 100 years, they figured, so why not position it for another 100? To do that, they turned to Toronto architecture firm Superkül.

A common thread of serendipity weaves through Fiona Ackerman’s life, a mix of funny coincidences and subtle symbols, like the lizard, that would go unexamined for most people—but not Ackerman, who exists in perpetual metamorphosis.

Tom Dixon has made a move toward the miniature. The acclaimed British designer’s latest venture is the Portable light, a series of small, battery-powered lamps that take cues from some of Dixon’s most iconic chapters, Melt, Bell, and Stone.

For the record, the sentence you are currently reading was not written by ChatGPT. Nor was anything in the magazine you’re holding. But that newspaper over there, that recipe you downloaded for last night’s dinner, the blurb on the toothpaste package, the radio ad you listened to on the drive home, that essay your neighbour’s son just handed to his prof—well, who knows?

For spring/summer 2023, Bather found inspiration in nature, specifically traditional Japanese design techniques, and the digital world. The result is a collection of summery staples in mood-lifting prints that will easily transition from the beach to the bar

In a cozy corner of Tofino, Merge offers a combination of locally made products, emphasizing quality and innovative design with a focus on natural materials.

In her work, Barcelona-based travel photographer Raquel Guiu plays with sunlight to embrace what makes a place and its people unique. For her Ilha de Mozambique series, she travelled to the coral reef island four kilometres off the coast of Mozambique’s mainland and explored all its corners through her lens.

Washington, D.C.’s, Dupont Circle is now home to Yours Truly DC, the first North American hotel in IHG Hotels & Resorts’ Vignette Collection.

Regardless of what creative exploit she takes on, a fundamental part of Evelyne Brochu always shines through, a bit of her soul that gives her performances a level of depth, whether on an album or a screen.

Combining the power of analog and digital cameras, Cole Sprouse employs his distinctive reportage approach to portray togetherness ignited by the forces of nature based on Canada Goose’s Live in the Open philosophy: take life head on; live joyfully, bravely, and without reservation; embrace community; and forge deep connections with the natural world.

For designer Robbie Yarish, who recently founded the menswear brand Wynona, the secret to making great men’s clothes is studying women’s fashion. “I always look at women’s for inspiration,” he says, because he admires the ease of lightweight silks and poplins. “They just have all the fun, right?”

In downtown Vancouver, the Parq Vancouver Resort offers travellers and city-dwellers two accommodation options that cater to two different experiences: the Douglas and the JW Marriot Parq Vancouver. It’s a one-size-fits-all destination with something for everyone.

The Tampa Edition hotel, just steps from the city’s scenic four-kilometre Riverwalk, is a wonderland for the senses, with a magical lobby that will stop you in your tracks, and dining and imbibing experiences that have put this addition to the city’s redeveloped waterfront community in focus.

The corner of Wall and Water Streets, location of the Tontine Building, has been a noted destination in New York City’s financial district since 1792. Its latest incarnation is the Wall Street Hotel.

As the climate crisis becomes increasingly dire, designers are finding creative ways to reduce waste without sacrificing appearance. The founders of Nagami, a Spanish tech-first design firm, have it down to an art. The brand uses cutting-edge robotic 3D printing to create sustainable designs and promote a circular economy, turning plastic waste into sculptures, furniture, and interior elements.

New York Times bestselling author Anna Kloots is basking in her own magic. After a few years of love, loss, and new beginnings, she is enjoying l’art de vivre, living in Paris, where she just released a memoir, My Own Magic: A Reappearing Act. NUVO Magazine caught up with her to chat about her love for Paris and what prompted her to write her memoir.

When Bourgeois / Lechasseur Architectes, based in Quebec City, was commissioned to design a house in Trois-Rivières near Forges du Saint-Maurice National Historic Site, Bunnett’s painting became an inspiration for the form and spirit of the firm’s design: a heavy stone base with archways beneath a dark-wood upper storey.

The Burt’s Bees ethos across all its products is Beauty Powered by Nature. The Renewal line shows that skin care doesn’t have to be complicated to get results. It can be simple, straightforward, and gentle, all at the same time.

Contemporary furniture and lighting brand Swell Studio has opened a new exhibition at Love House, a design showroom in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village, as part of New York City Design Week. Showcasing Swell’s second complete series, the Onna Collection takes its name from an abbreviation of the Italian word for column, colonna.

Whether industrial or residential, architect Pierre Thiabult’s body of work is a dialogue between landscape and architecture. Buried, nestled, and immersed in nature, the geometry of his studio’s designs creates meditative contrasts between a structure’s parallel lines and natural curved forms in rolling hills, water, and trees, from an abbey in Saint-Jean-de-Matha to the Belvédère de Val-Jalbert.

On Vienna’s noted Ringstrasse and across the street from the Stadtpark, the boutique hotel with its original marble doorways is housed in two neo-Baroque palaces built in 1871 for German-Austrian entrepreneur Hugo Henckel von Donnersmarck and Baron Friedrich Leitenberger, a textile manufacturer.

It’s often said, more romantically than in any scientific sense, that wines express the place they come from. In a cultural sense, this is strikingly true of the wines of Bindi Sergardi.

Atop Washington, D.C.’s, new Kimpton Banneker Hotel, Lady Bird Bar is a colourful and homey rooftop locale by Toronto’s Mason Studio. The bar is named for former first lady Claudia Alta Johnson, who earned the nickname Lady Bird as a child when her nursemaid commented that she was “pretty as a ladybird.”

On the rugged coast of southern Norway, about three and a half hours south of Oslo, this cabin is a waterfront retreat for a young family. For Kolman Boye Architects, the young Stockholm-based firm that designed this Nordic getaway, the house is the latest in a growing portfolio of projects that explore material innovation and cultural heritage.

Vogue Hotel in Montreal’s Golden Square Mile has officially reopened, revealing a nouveau look courtesy of Sid Lee Architecture. A fixture on Avenue de la Montagne since 1990, the hotel is now part of the Curio Collection by Hilton.

As it happens, some creative minds such as J.P. Wiser’s master distiller Dr. Don Livermore are experimenting with aging spirits, whisky specifically, in all manner of woods with great success.

Get into the groove of East Nashville with a reservation at Waymore’s Guest House and Casual Club, welcoming guests to take up residence among the live music clubs, vintage shops, and independent restaurants only 10 minutes from the neon lights of the downtown Broadway music strip.

Limited to just 150 examples for the world, the Pininfarina Battista is proof that EVs can be genuine enthusiast cars. You just need to get in the right frame of mind.

Monochromatic wood interiors are all the rage these days, and with good reason—an all-wood palette is contemporary while offering organic warmth. In Kitchener, an ophthalmology office and eyewear retailer has taken this approach to clinic design, using glowing lighting and lots of wood to create a better medical experience.

Beautifully capturing the unique disposition of swimming pools from far and wide, photographer Brad Walls draws attention to symmetry and curvature, playing with both light and colour to bring the photographs to life. A creative ode to summer’s landscape.

For many, Cinco de Mayo is a day marked by margaritas and tacos. But like the holiday itself, which marks Mexico’s victory over France at the 1862 Battle of Puebla, there is more to Mexican cuisine than cool drinks and carnitas. So why not expand your horizons this year with this recipe for ribeye aguachile from Francisco Higareda Urdapilleta, chef/co-owner …

Across all elements of the design, the architecture resonates with its surroundings. “What we saw in this site was the potential to live in a way that is beautifully aligned with nature,” the homeowners say.

Opened in early April, Aleenta Retreat Chiang Mai, in the city of Chiang Mai’s Umong district, welcomes guests to restore and relax among the bamboo and frangipani.

At first glance from across the Nogat River, Malbork Castle appears to tower over the surrounding town. The world’s largest castle, dating back to the 13th century, it is also a UNESCO world heritage site.

Who says eco-friendly boats have to look bulbous and bland? The newly launched motor yacht Kinda flaunts a sporty profile and unrivalled onboard luxury.

When Mhairi (pronounced Vari) O’Donnell sat down with her mother more than a decade ago to look through old black-and-white photos of her grandmother, she had no idea it would lead to her opening what are possibly the world’s only champagne and fondue bars.

Field Trip is a Canadian wellness brand that specializes in body care and intimacy products. The brand’s philosophy is based on self-love and encouraging individuals to embrace their bodies and experience sexual pleasure as a means of promoting mental and physical health

With just a splash of the delicious new spirit, a medley of fruit juices, and some orgeat, this Royal Holiday cocktail will make you feel as regal as a stay at the Empress.