Calgary’s newest hotspot, D.O.P, in the former home of Bar Von Der Fels, seems to have respected the codes and customs of its namesake authority. The traditional fare of its downtown 1 Street SW address is distinguishable by its adherence to the exhilarating admixture of rusticity and gastronomic boldness.

At face value, the idea of continuously poking microscopic holes into your skin with sharp needle tips seems a little counterintuitive for skin care purposes. But this process, known as microneedling, has some undeniable benefits.

After bringing its all-inclusive approach to ski-in/ski-out experiences around the world more than two dozen times, Club Med has turned its sights on Canada, with a mountain village in the snowy forests at the base of Massif de Charlevoix in Quebec.

Atelier C began as a country retreat for a couple but eventually turned into a full-time abode. The exteriors project a sense of thoughtful encapsulation and are also sculptural in the way the black angles rise from the crisp woodland scenery.

After recent renovation, The Royal Hotel is now reopened to guests. It has 28 guest rooms in the main building and five studio-style rooms in the Royal Annex, once a stable and now a chic Scandinavian-inspired space designed to help city-weary visitors decompress.

There are few iconic hotel bars in Toronto, but a desire for thoughtful, rich environments reminiscent of the literary salon is breathing life back into two of them. Such is the appeal of the Library Bar at the Fairmont Royal York and the rooftop bar at the Park Hyatt.

Every once in a while, automakers hand over the reins to their design department, letting it go wild and envision the future of the brand and industry through a concept car. Here are our picks for the coolest concept cars of last year.

An espresso martini with a twist, the espresso Manhattan is made with Angel’s Envy whisky and complemented with chocolate bitters and cherry brandy. The best way to describe the flavour is like a rich chocolate cake: decadent and smooth.

One of the pleasures of travel is trying local or regional food and drink, including—perhaps especially—wines. Nova Scotia is home to about 20 wineries, and their wines are quite well represented on the city’s wine lists.

We pride ourselves on bringing you the exceptional—the beautiful narratives of visionaries, stunning designs, and marvellous journeys. Here are twenty-one NUVO stories that deserve a standing ovation.

Ema Peter, esteemed architectural photographer, and Goh Ballet, have recently come together to photograph the Oakridge Presentation Centre in a way that brings it to life—capturing the energy and artistry of the space vivified by the medium of dance.

If you are looking for the perfect present for the spirits lover in your life, this gift guide has you covered. It includes something for everyone’s taste, from limited releases to fancy cognacs and beyond.

As the pandemic lingered and commercial flights remained grounded or ran fewer routes, the private shift increased. Now the tide is rising for not only the private jet industry, but also for the semiprivate industry.

Whether you are in a pinch for what to bring to the party, want to add additional treats to your holiday lineup, or perhaps are looking for what to leave out for Santa, give these yummy cookies a try.

Traditionally, a Rolls-Royce glides along in isolation and indifference to the outside world, but this Black Badge model feels more energetic. It’s dramatically different than the standard Ghost, providing yet another reason to add a Rolls-Royce to your collection.

The holiday season is defined by gift-giving, social events, and of course, less forgiving weather. With all of those in mind, we’ve curated 10 exceptional winter-ready menswear items to equip you for the array of festive dinners, workplace parties, and gift exchanges on the horizon.

The holiday season is a time to give back to our communities. We have rounded up some thoughtful businesses you can support and cross those final names off your shopping list.

Gift-giving is complicated—especially when it comes to beauty. Here we have curated a list of beauty products that were standouts this year and will impress any recipient—including yourself. 

The first thing I noticed about Moab is the colours: how red the mountains look in the shade and how they burst into orange when the sun hits their face at the right angle.

The holidays are meant for indulging in decadent desserts and appeasing your sweet tooth every chance you get. This pomegranate crème brûlée from Black + Blue offers a festive spin on a French classic and will certainly remedy those holiday cravings.

Seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms explain the need for the double kitchens (the second being a spice/wok kitchen), and the primary dining space features a built-in banquet dining table.

Call it nostalgia or maybe just a need for people to go back to a time when things were less uncertain (i.e., before the pandemic), but the love for this once highly popular cocktail is reaching a new fever pitch.

Founded by sisters Yasaman and Samira Haj-Shafiei with shops in Toronto and Calgary, Organic Bytes offers beautiful cakes with nourishing ingredients

Whisky, maple, and Wayne Gretzky—talk about a Canadian trifecta. The three have come together in the spirit of the holidays to create the new Wayne Gretzky Distillery Maple Cream Liquor. Notes of caramel, sweet cream, maple syrup, baked pastry, and a hint of whisky spice make this the perfect addition to your festive drinks lineup.

Built to reflect the owners’ passion for sailing and the outdoors, the home’s wood exterior and the white protective roof that cantilevers out over the patio give a lightness

This year, history and art are elements of an exciting partnership with Parisian design atelier À Paris chez Antoinette Poisson. The collaboration celebrates historical craftsmanship in both the design space and the beauty realm, which share an ethos of quality and detail.

This season, Christian Dior has invited 12 artists to reimagine the iconic design of the Lady Dior handbag. The famous bag represents a timeless legacy that has been repeatedly reinterpreted over the years. The artists for this year’s collaboration have been given carte blanche to explore their creativity and idiosyncrasies.

Singer Vehicle Design injects customized magic to vintage Porsche 911s, a feat well beyond simple restoration.

“Everyone thought we were crazy [for opening a restaurant] in Riversdale because the area was really rough at the time. But to me, it looked like the Gastown of Saskatoon, where restaurants are booming next to safe injection sites,” she says. “I kind of feel like I saw something no one else did.”

The new cuvée is 90 per cent pinot noir using the finest black grapes and 10 per cent chardonnay. La Grande Dame 2012 follows the ethos of Madame Clicquot, who believed pinot noir has the broadest range of expression and potential to make the best champagne.

The Spanish-born Picasso created tens of thousands of works, of which 200 paintings were distilled for Imagine Picasso. Inspired by the origami sculptures the artist made for his children, architect Rudy Ricciotti created the environment to mimic the artist’s cubist phase and squiggly line drawings.

The garments, made exclusively from reconstructed vintage material, both represent the ways the male gaze in art has contained women and, at the same time, defy that pattern of possession. “ ‘Downfall’ romanticizes a new era of art-making where women are each other’s muse, not captured by men, and corruption is their aim,” McCormack says.

Mexico is a beloved vacation destination for many reasons, not the least of which is their white sand beaches, crystal blue waters, and vibrant culture. We have rounded up nine of the most magical resorts in Mexico that await your arrival.

Yet, for all its sonic flourishes and upbeat tempos, Clerel’s music is deceptively melancholy; a closer listen reveals his lyrical tendency toward nostalgia and heartbreak. It makes sense, though, when we remember that an urgent affinity for American soul music was the catalyst for his art to begin with.

Many wineries, especially in New World regions, make what they call an icon wine. It is generally a limited-production red wine, the most expensive in a producer’s portfolio, and it sometimes comes in a bottle that’s heavier than the winery’s other bottles, as if to alert consumers to the wine’s gravitas.

The brand has added two more gender neutral scents to the collection: Valley of Flowers and Desertland. Both evoke a sense of place—a fragrant field of Bulgarian rose, peony petals, and amber for the former and an aromatic Texan desert of juniper berry and wildflowers for the latter.

American Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and that signals the start of the holiday season for many Canadians, as well. Whether you enjoy it now or save it for December, this roasted butternut and apple stuffing from Tractor At Home will fill your kitchen with a mouth-watering aroma that filters throughout the home.

Casa Dois is a converted fish warehouse that sleeps four. The architects took the small two-storey structure and converted it into a minimalists’ paradise with plenty of outdoor terrace space, a feature typical of the traditional Algarve home, so guests can enjoy the warm climate.