Watches and Wonders, the annual event in Geneva, is set to begin on Monday and collectors, enthusiasts, retailers, and press have descended upon the Swiss city. From March 27 through April 2, with the final two days open to the public, the great unveiling will take place at the Palexpo convention centre.

When a young family moved from London to a rural hamlet near Peterborough in Cambridgeshire, they wanted to be closer to their families. They were also drawn to country living—and the 18th-century stone house they acquired, Follyfield, is surrounded by vast gardens.

One of India’s most prominent artists and a pioneer of video art in the country, Nalini Malani is recognized worldwide for her multilayered works incorporating film, painting, photography, and performance, as well as for her tireless feminist activism.

At California’s Ironstone Vineyards, there’s a glittering reminder of the origins of the state’s wine industry during the California Gold Rush.

Hennessy (LVMH), Rémy Martin (Rémy Cointreau), Courvoisier (Beam Suntory), and Martell (Pernod Ricard). For years these were the cognac competitors of note, but more recently, Campari Group’s Bisquit & Dubouché has entered the ring.

Roadtripping into the heart of Ohio leads travellers to the stylish doors of Hotel Versailles, newly built on a spot that has welcomed travellers for over 150 years.

Paying homage to the American southwest’s natural and dusty peache colour palette, Tierra Luna Spa and Sol Garden is a Palo Santo-scented sanctuary of style with creamy adobe walls, oversized soaking tubs, and innovative treatments , which can be undertaken indoors and outdoors to make the most of the mountain views and Sonoran Desert scenery.

A mecca of manga and anime is celebrating its 40th anniversary in Tokyo this spring. Japan’s largest anime chain’s Animate Ikebukoro Flagship Store feted its grand opening on March 16, to the joy of otaku everywhere.

Chef Ashley Kurtz of Vancouver’s Restaurant Vignette gives classic French gougères a lift thanks to loads of mushrooms and even more cheese than usual. Piped full of two types of sauce and best served with a heaping amount of cheese, these fantastically balanced pastry balls are ideal little bites to start any meal. Think of them as cream puffs for adults.

When listening to her heart-wrenching ballads, the combination of her soft, country/folk twang and poetic prose feels exceptionally intimate, like the pages of a diary sung out loud in a dimly lit room. White’s lyrics go far beyond her 22 years of age, making sense of even the most complex emotions. It’s emo excellence.

To celebrate our ankles’ first glimpses of sunlight in months, we’ve rounded up this season’s best women’s sneakers, from vibrant desplays of colour to waterproof neutrals. Warmer days, here we come!

Toronto’s Harbord Village recently welcomed Parquet, a 50-seat French restaurant with warm-toned leather seats, mirror- and wood-lined walls, a black-veined white-marble bar, and a menu that incorporates local products and produce in dishes that riff on those you might find in a cozy bistro in the 14th arrondissement.

Irish Distillers, under its sub-brand Spot Whiskeys, is reforging Ireland’s connection with the Wine Geese via a series of collaborative whiskeys. They recently turned to Canada’s Okanagan Valley, partnering with Quails’ Gate Winery, operated by the Stewart family, who have been farming in the region since Richard Stewart Sr. arrived from the Emerald Isle in 1908.

Adventurers preferring upscale accommodation to rest and recharge after a day on the waves will want to spoil themselves at H20 Life Style Resort on Long Bay Beach in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Describing itself as the first luxury kiteboarding resort in the Caribbean, this sequestered beachside property tucked into the south shore of Providenciales is owned by Canadian entrepreneurs Rob Ayer and Nicolas Boucher.

The Yukon conjures up images of Canada’s last frontier, a place where the vast expanse of nature far surpasses the population. Adventure seekers from around the globe travel to the Yukon in search of the northern lights and to try their hands at dog sledding.

Canadian travel and lifestyle brand, Monos, is heading into spring on a light, bright, and sweet note. Pairing up with New York City’s iconic Magnolia Bakery for two limited-edition colourways, the new collection arrives just in time to aid us out of our winter blues.

Scandinavian design has become synonymous with timeless, streamlined furnishings made with exemplary craftsmanship. Diligently and stylishly executing on this is Broste Copenhagen, a Danish homeware shop with offerings that range from furniture to stationery.

On the frozen pavement of Yellowstone Airport, in the picturesque western state of Montana and with the Rockies as a backdrop, Infiniti recently showcased its Intelligent All-Wheel Drive system technologies offered as standard equipment across the brand’s portfolio of SUVs and cars.

Do Quebec wine consumers really like more-acidic wines than their Ontario counterparts? What about British Columbians? It’s actually not simply a matter of acidity but of style generally: a wine’s weight or body, fruit-acid balance, sugar and alcohol levels, and tannins.

Classic silhouettes reinvented for modern aesthetics and convenience, Brixton finds its design inspiration in workwear across generations, taking cues from cowboys, mariners, labourers, and others.

Now available around the world, Amaro Nonino was a relatively rare find when the Paper Plane was developed, one that, like most amari, provided a proprietary flavour that could be mimicked but never replicated.

Like many industries, the wine world has long been dominated by men. From sommeliers to importers, winemakers to critics, there has been a notable lack of gender equity. But now, thanks to wine professionals such as Stephanie Dutton, country of origin group winemaker at Australia’s iconic Penfolds winery, the formerly hypermasculine world is beginning to change for the better. Below, Dutton discusses women’s role in the evolution of the wine industry.

France’s port city of Bordeaux is home to newly opened Maison Rosa, in the historic setting of a late-19th-century house. Centrally located in the residential zone of the Saint Seurin – Fondaudège district, this three-storey, three-bedroom maison d’hôtes offers all the must-haves: fashionable rooms, private outdoor access, and customized amenities.

A world of whimsy awaits at Baa Baazaar, a recently opened home-goods shop in Toronto. The eclectic brainchild of best friends Nicole Elsasser and Sophia Pierro, the store is a treasure trove of tchotchkes, keepsakes, and confections that wouldn’t look out of place in period films such as Little Women and The Secret Garden.

There is an ineffably opulent quality to the Marbella Club that is tied more to its history than to its subtropical gardens and upscale restaurants.

Whatever is on the menu when you stop by, Five Sails remains a great spot for impeccable eats and some of the best views in the city. As for Robbie Robinson, he’s proved himself capable of upholding the reputation and legacy of Five Sails for years to come.

For most of its history, Lamborghini hung its hat on its V12-powered vehicles. The automaker started with cars featuring 12 cylinders and still sells V12 models today, but surprisingly, these impressively powerful cars aren’t the brand’s most popular. That honour goes to the Huracán, the brand’s second V10-powered production supercar. Now, due to changing global emission standards, the automaker has …

While we’re still a few months out from white asparagus season, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy the springtime delicacy now. Thanks to this recipe from Italian Kitchen’s chef Matteo Fontana, a cheeky white asparagus and shrimp bruschetta that’s easy to prepare at home, spring’s bounty comes early this year. This super simple appetizer is best enjoyed when you’re trying to forget about the snow outside.

It seems paradoxical to explain a show riddled with infectious disease, murder, and a shattered civilization as beautiful, but through sound, the show becomes recontextualized into an evocative depiction of dystopia. The sonic universe of The Last of Us is filled with layers of madness.

This year, Vail Resorts, Whistler’s owner, gave it a brand spanking new 10-passenger gondola to whisk Creekside skiers up the mountain in record time. And with a new six-person chairlift as well, this formerly local secret isn’t so secret anymore.

Transformed from a former Stasi spy base into a contemporary hotel, Château Royal has been reimagined in homage to bohemian Berlin at the turn of the 19th century: note the bronze dome with a weather vane by French artist Cyprien Gaillard crowning the hotel.

In the heart of Milan’s Magenta district, Maserati has introduced an avant-garde architectural concept for its new global retail store. With cars illuminated like installation art in a gallery, the concept is a welcome break from the traditional bright and boring layout of car showrooms.

Upstart Toronto designer Adam Appugliesi’s clothing brand, Libero, takes its name from the Italian word for “free,” which also happens to be his grandfather’s name. Fittingly, it is his Italian Canadian background that informs Libero’s proletarian, masculine-leaning but gender-free designs.

Bombay Sapphire, spirits sponsor of Jean-Michel Basquiat: King Pleasure, the recent retrospective exhibition in New York curated by the iconoclast’s sisters, has teamed up again with the Basquiat estate to debut a special edition bottle of Bombay Sapphire gin emblazoned with Basquiat’s Untitled (L.A. Painting).

The pomegranate margarita, featuring all the traditional ingredients alongside pomegranate juice and seeds, hits the marks marg drinkers look for while also exciting the palate with added tartness and textural complexity.

The vast, otherworldly landscape presents itself as a blank canvas, one that inspires those who venture there to discover endless possibilities. A wilderness hideaway in Canyon Point in the Southern Utah desert, Camp Sarika, added to the luxurious 900-acre Amangiri property in 2020, is a year-round glamping destination with tented pavilions.

Ao (pronounced “ow”), the name of Suntory’s newest whisky, means “blue” in Japanese. In the case of this bottle of liquid gold, it refers to the oceans that connect the locations where parent company Beam Suntory’s whisky is made.

Triclinium, the installation Lukas Gschwandtner created for Design Miami, references the chaises longues upon which ancient Romans would gather and socialize—a fitting connection to Fendi, the fashion house founded in the Eternal City in 1925.

From Oaxaca to Ixtapa, Pia Riverola captures moments of life in vibrant and dreamy images shot on film. She adds a sense of romance to the everyday, her love for the place palpable to the viewer in each picture.

Brass has adorned homes, been made into art, and outfitted the wealthy for millennia, important to civilization for its malleability and colour. So for Volker Haug’s newest collection, it seems fitting that the Melbourne, Australia, lighting design studio, founded in 2004, has revisited the alloy.

Sean Brown is the creative director of Curves by Sean Brown, an independent design brand known for the idiosyncratic spin it puts on quotidian objects. The CD rugs are hand-tufted reproductions of the imagery and typography printed on the compact discs of Brown’s youth.

If you know a thing or two about skin care, you know retinol is a holy grail product in many people’s routines—and it’s popular for a reason. There are many benefits to incorporating a retinol or retinal into your regimen, including improving the look of fine lines and wrinkles, blemishes, and dark spots.

Toronto brand Basic Maintenance Lab is making skin care manageable with its clearly labelled bottles of cleansers, moisturizers, and soaps.

It’s young. It’s playful. It’s sophisticated. It’s more than a little avant-garde. The Rebel 55 by Italian boat builder Sacs Marine is a joyous weekender that’s more than capable of holding its own when moored among the luxury yachts.

This shallot tarte tatin recipe comes from Martine Bauer, the chef behind Toronto’s Pompette. Caramelized shallots are paired with creamy and woodsy Adoray cheese for a decadent yet balanced appetizer that’s sure to impress and delight.

Two hours from Toronto, nortehaus is a peaceful getaway in nature that marries Nordic and Japanese influences. Designed by MAFCOhouse, nortehaus celebrates simplicity, sustainability, and the joy of hygge—purposefully constructed as a haven for slow living.

One of the quintessential things about Victoria is its blend of easygoing West Coast culture and British tradition. Tea is a tradition local residents have embraced for decades, and a walk through the city takes you past specialty tea shops, restaurants, and cafés offering afternoon tea. But it’s hard to beat the elegance, history, and careful attention of tea service at the Fairmont Empress.

Fettercairn, the newest independent brand from Scotland’s Whyte & Mackay, makes “unicorn” whiskies. Its various expressions—packaged in bottles emblazoned with a unicorn from the crest of founder Sir Alexander Ramsay’s clan—each provide an immediately distinguishable flavour profile that showcases the company’s approach.

Girolibero, a Vicenza-based cycling tour company founded in 1998 and now offering leisurely bike and barge tours in northern Italy and nine other countries.

Van Cleef & Arpels has added five charming playmates to its Lucky Animals collection. Teddy Bear, Dachshund, Frog, Fox, and Bichon Frise join the Lucky Animals family with a studied use of stones and whimsical poses.