Whisky, maple, and Wayne Gretzky—talk about a Canadian trifecta. The three have come together in the spirit of the holidays to create the new Wayne Gretzky Distillery Maple Cream Liquor. Notes of caramel, sweet cream, maple syrup, baked pastry, and a hint of whisky spice make this the perfect addition to your festive drinks lineup.

This year, history and art are elements of an exciting partnership with Parisian design atelier À Paris chez Antoinette Poisson. The collaboration celebrates historical craftsmanship in both the design space and the beauty realm, which share an ethos of quality and detail.

This season, Christian Dior has invited 12 artists to reimagine the iconic design of the Lady Dior handbag. The famous bag represents a timeless legacy that has been repeatedly reinterpreted over the years. The artists for this year’s collaboration have been given carte blanche to explore their creativity and idiosyncrasies.

Singer Vehicle Design injects customized magic to vintage Porsche 911s, a feat well beyond simple restoration.

“Everyone thought we were crazy [for opening a restaurant] in Riversdale because the area was really rough at the time. But to me, it looked like the Gastown of Saskatoon, where restaurants are booming next to safe injection sites,” she says. “I kind of feel like I saw something no one else did.”

The new cuvée is 90 per cent pinot noir using the finest black grapes and 10 per cent chardonnay. La Grande Dame 2012 follows the ethos of Madame Clicquot, who believed pinot noir has the broadest range of expression and potential to make the best champagne.

The Spanish-born Picasso created tens of thousands of works, of which 200 paintings were distilled for Imagine Picasso. Inspired by the origami sculptures the artist made for his children, architect Rudy Ricciotti created the environment to mimic the artist’s cubist phase and squiggly line drawings.

The garments, made exclusively from reconstructed vintage material, both represent the ways the male gaze in art has contained women and, at the same time, defy that pattern of possession. “ ‘Downfall’ romanticizes a new era of art-making where women are each other’s muse, not captured by men, and corruption is their aim,” McCormack says.

Mexico is a beloved vacation destination for many reasons, not the least of which is their white sand beaches, crystal blue waters, and vibrant culture. We have rounded up nine of the most magical resorts in Mexico that await your arrival.

Yet, for all its sonic flourishes and upbeat tempos, Clerel’s music is deceptively melancholy; a closer listen reveals his lyrical tendency toward nostalgia and heartbreak. It makes sense, though, when we remember that an urgent affinity for American soul music was the catalyst for his art to begin with.

Many wineries, especially in New World regions, make what they call an icon wine. It is generally a limited-production red wine, the most expensive in a producer’s portfolio, and it sometimes comes in a bottle that’s heavier than the winery’s other bottles, as if to alert consumers to the wine’s gravitas.

The brand has added two more gender neutral scents to the collection: Valley of Flowers and Desertland. Both evoke a sense of place—a fragrant field of Bulgarian rose, peony petals, and amber for the former and an aromatic Texan desert of juniper berry and wildflowers for the latter.

American Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and that signals the start of the holiday season for many Canadians, as well. Whether you enjoy it now or save it for December, this roasted butternut and apple stuffing from Tractor At Home will fill your kitchen with a mouth-watering aroma that filters throughout the home.

Casa Dois is a converted fish warehouse that sleeps four. The architects took the small two-storey structure and converted it into a minimalists’ paradise with plenty of outdoor terrace space, a feature typical of the traditional Algarve home, so guests can enjoy the warm climate.

Italy’s Lake Como is an unrivalled destination for travellers looking to satisfy cravings for design and culture. Villas and historic aristocratic family vacation homes ooze class and sophistication as well as inspiring some of Italy’s greatest designers with their neoclassical and baroque architecture, like here in this luxury hotel in the village of Menaggio.

Dakota Dunes Resort is the latest addition to a complex that houses a casino and spectacular golf course owned and operated by the Whitecap Dakota First Nation, which has been recognized nationally for its economic and community development successes. The resort’s design delivers a fresh and downright stunning result.

With lockdowns ending, restaurant openings are beginning to be common fare in Toronto again. Here are six different, high-class restaurants of various styles to try, selected for the quality of food and the atmosphere.  

Completed last year, this elegant home sits in an almost celestial simplicity against the wooded countryside of Quebec’s Eastern Townships, its white façade blending into the bright horizon.

The wellness oasis was inspired by the classic Parisienne apartment—a chic, well-crafted, and effortless space that respects the history of the French fashion house. The perennial experts in fashion and luxury are now experts in wellness as well.

We’ve compiled a selection of autumn items from luxury labels that were founded upon a more holistic commitment to environmentally conscious practices, producing menswear collections that offer sustainability without sacrificing style.

The angular envelope suggests simplicity, but on closer inspection the structure shows a complex play of shapes and forms that create dramatic beams of light into the interior

Agrotourism is not new—people have long travelled to connect with agricultural aspects of rural tourist destinations. But in Prince Edward County, the association of the term with sustainable ecotourism has helped the agro-focused region draw more than 650,000 visitors annually.

This renovation of a 1930s Tudor-style home in Vancouver’s First Shaughnessy Heritage Conservation Area shows how modern amenities can be seamlessly implemented to bring classic designs into the 21st century.

The couple hired interior designer James McIntyre of McIntyre Bills to transform their century-old property in Calgary’s Mount Royal neighbourhood into a classic yet fashion-forward dwelling able to transport those who enter to London or New York.

In southern Napa Valley, Darioush Khaledi owns and lives at his namesake winery, where his Persian heritage influences everything from the travertine interiors to the hospitality and intricate labels from the Victoria and Albert Museum’s collection of Persian art. Khaledi deems the wine business his “third career,” but Khaledi’s connection to wine, he says, was always palpable. In 5,000 BCE …