Set in the verdant Loire Valley vineyards, rambling over acre after acre of dense woodlands, is Les Sources de Cheverny, a private estate comprising traditional stone houses, winery, spa, and 18th-century Château du Breuil, which opened its gates this past September.

In spite of all the challenges this year, determined restaurateurs are opening new venues offering out-of-the-ordinary dining experiences and excellent takeout options.

A Southeast Asian twist on a North American winter classic, this comforting restorative soup is perfect for the cold weather months and hunkering down at home.

Interestingly, Hadid got her start in object design and interiors, so in many ways this chess set represents a coming-full-circle of her work. 

The world of fashion is not defined by what you see: the turtleneck, the trousers, the trench. Big-name brands are powered by a network of very small yet highly skilled artisans—specializing in yarns, dyeing, embroidery, leather, crochet stitching, filigree, beading, lace—whose expertise and knowledge is rooted in Italy. With the ongoing pandemic, there is a risk of losing some parts of the Made in Italy supply chain.

Home lasers, LED masks, and zit-zappers have been around for a few years, but they really came into their own at the beginning of the pandemic, when we were unable to visit dermatologists and aestheticians for our usual treatments.

As a follow up to our Canadian Women in Arts and Culture story, we present an interactive timeline of spectacular women from around the world who made significant contributions to technology and computing.

It’s not just the mere existence of plenty of female surfers in Tofino that’s exceptional, it’s that there is a palpable culture of empowered and empowering women encouraging each other to excel in the sport.

In this winter edition, issue 87, we bring you beauty in all its forms, beginning with the cover featuring Mario Rigby, a modern-day explorer advocating for a more diverse, eco-conscious travel landscape.

In 2015, Mario Rigby left everything he knew to set off across Africa on foot. Two years later, he returned to Canada to redefine what it means to be a modern-day adventurer.

We scoured the web to find the best designer resale shops in Canada, so you don’t have to. Ready to make the old new again? Keep scrolling for 13 Canadian consignment retailers that can’t be missed.

Hawaii is a popular vacation spot among Canadians, but its architectural scene is often overlooked. However, the latest project by Walker Warner Architects, a compound of sorts that incorporates modern and Indigenous design, is hard to miss and even harder to disregard.

When Tom Sachs was eight years old, his father wanted a camera. Since the camera was too expensive to buy, the young Sachs made him one of clay instead. Since the boy went on to become a famous sculptor, one might dare to guess that the clay version was way cooler than the original.

Mascara was originally designed to be protective, though the ancient Egyptians believed it could ward off evil spirits rather than pollen.

In recent years, modest fashion—clothing that covers up—has made its way into the mainstream of both street style and runway collections. And what began as a slow rise has now become one of the most important trends in fashion.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: To preserve, to enhance, to welcome. Salt does it all. Side by side comparisons emphasize differences. Fleur de sel sparkles like a dish of diamond chips. Sel gris is moist and looks a bit grubby.

Fashion is  a product of its environment, so it’s unsurprising that when we think of Canadian fashion, most trends cater to the colder seasons or clothes that support outdoor adventure.

Across Canada, there are great breweries crafting hearty ales, and sausage-makers producing rich and interesting links to accompany them, and it seems Albertans are leading the charge.

Whether you’re enjoying the occasional (and cautious!) meal out, or planning for post-COVID date nights, these new eateries should definitely be on your radar.

While Calgary might not be known for its fine bakeshops and patisseries, the prairie city has a hidden gold mine of luxurious bakeries, chocolatiers, and dessert shops that tempt our sweet tooth and easily impress us with rich flavours.

The term “flying winemaker” generally refers to winemakers who flit back and forth between the northern and southern hemispheres so as to make wine twice a year.

When Swedish startup X Shore built its first prototype in 2016, an all-electric luxury boat seemed like a pipe dream.

Vancouver’s Yaletown neighbourhood has long emulated the same hipster energies of the major beauty cities, so it’s only natural that the Shrink Wrap Urban Sweat Lounge, an infrared sauna pod and body-roller studio, opened its doors there last August.

From alpine villages to dense Saxon forests, the German landscape is increasingly dappled with picturesque eco-hotels.

Used correctly, acids can help with acne, signs of aging, and sun damage, and leave you with glowing and radiant skin. Here are seven products to try.