Acclaimed food blogger and author David Lebovitz serves up French cuisine, one recipe and one story at a time.

Being so labour intensive, it’s no surprise that vanilla beans are expensive, but today you’ll pay a lot more for them—if you can find them at all.

“We would prefer not to serve cassoulet,” said legendary winemaker Alain Brumont over lunch at his club-like restaurant, La Table de Bouscassé in Madiran, France. “First of all this isn’t the right city for cassoulet. But more importantly, here in the southwest, we are trying to escape the clichés.”

Her restaurant Chez St-Pierre and her championing of local products have placed her hometown of Le Bic, Quebec on the food lover’s map.

For this Montreal group’s growing restaurant empire, family comes first.

Chef Alain Ducasse’s empire is impressive. Few are aware, however, that this famed French chef also owns two Provençal country-style hotels.

Though chocolate cakes have been old hat in 19th-century Vienna, many legal battles have transpired as to who owns the Sachetorte cake.

François Nadon is identified on the Montreal cooking scene as a chef who produces some of its most exquisite food.

Scan the shelves of any gourmet shop and you’ll find a plethora of honeys. Ranging in colour from pale yellow to a deep amber hue, they often hail from exotic locations like Corsica or Provence.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: When you enter the shop on rue de la Roquette, you’re hit with the most luxurious of aromas: chocolate. And not just any chocolate but chocolate made in the open manufacture (workshop) on-site. This chocolate is so pure, all that’s missing is the cocoa plantation out back.