Chris MacArthur’s photographs of Hillbilly Night capture what provided a haven for country music fans and performers in Montreal.

A land of contradictions, Finland occupies a latitude in northern Europe that means winter sunlight is rare. Darkness, snow, and arctic air rule for a large portion of the year, and while we may associate that with gloom, Finns are consistently ranked the happiest people on Earth. Many people’s first thoughts of Finland may be of a stable economy and …

Often, Matt Hall’s subjects are obscured by cloudy glass or a sheet of snow in the foreground, giving the photographs an air of mystery.

Over the past year NUVO has shone a light on some of the best new Homes of the Week in Canada and around the world.

Working from a shop on Vancouver Island, in Victoria’s Rock Bay neighbourhood, Man & Son is a design firm founded in 2020.

In the sunshine or the snow, these gifts will keep them happy and comfortable wherever a friend or family member goes next.

Caffe la Tana is giving Vancouverites the opportunity to sample the world’s rarest pasta, su filindeu.

The L.A. store is in Platform, a shared space for independent creative businesses in Culver City, and will stock brands such as ecoBirdy, Haws, and Iris Hantverk.