A Gift Guide for the Tech Fanatic

A few gadgets and gizmos for the person looking to the future.

1. Apple MacBook Pro


Apple MacBook Pro tech


So many tech items today are linked that a solid base of operations is vital. The new MacBook Pro from Apple, the latest in its signature line of laptops, not only looks good but is also packed with enough tech to keep up to date with work and be the command centre for your arsenal of gadgets.


2. Epson Home Cinema 3800 Projector


Epson Projector tech


A TV is great, but for a showstopping gift this year, consider an alternative: an at-home projector. The Epson Home Cinema 3800 is equipped to show films and series in 4K HDR as well as having the latest HDMI specifications, which will let you game in 4K on the biggest home screen possible.


3. Bambu Lab P1P 3D Printer


3D Printer tech


For the tech obsessive, the perfect gadget might be one that harnesses the latest technology and makes something new. The Bambu Lab P1P 3D Printer is one such gift. Some of this model’s primary draws are its quick set-up out of the box—it is ready to use in only 15 minutes—as well as the ability to customize the side panels using the printer itself.



4. Oura Ring


Oura ring tech


Oura smart ring


Tech wearables have become more and more popular in recent years. This Christmas, give the tech lover in your life the subtlest option on the market, the Oura smart ring. With a battery life of up to seven days and the ability to track a variety of measurables such as sleep, stress, and activity all in a ring that weighs only six grams, this is a surefire winner for any health-conscious techie.


5. Leica Sofort 2 Camera


Leica camera tech

Leica camera top view tech

Leica camera


Leica, the German camera manufacturer, is a name synonymous with quality. The Sofort 2 is a hybrid camera. By connecting to Leica’s Fotos app, pictures can be instantly transferred to your phone or computer. The Sofort 2 also allows for printing out images directly from the camera, with the added bonus of being able to select exactly which image to put on the slides. With a simple design packed with clever features, this camera will light up any face on Christmas day.


6. Philips Series 5000 Razor


Philips Series 5000 Shaver tech


Home goods are not exempt from the technological revolution. This Christmas, keep your loved ones looking fresh with this electric wet/dry razor from Philips. Packed with features, it can read facial hair density to adjust cutting speed and make 90,000 cutting motions per minute.


7. Beosound 2 Bang & Olufsen x Ferrari Speaker


The Ferrari Collection 2023 Beosound 2


Every tech lover needs a high-quality wireless speaker. This collaboration between Ferrari and Danish sound experts Bang & Olufsen is as eye-catching as it is functional. The Christmas playlist will never sound so good.