A Gift Guide for the Traveller

For the constant wanderers in your life.

Traveller Gift Guide NUVO

As Christmas approaches, this gift guide is for that friend or family member who is always on the road or jetting off. In the sunshine or the snow, these gifts will keep them happy and comfortable wherever they go next.


1. Gucci Luggage


Gucci suitcase


Step one when preparing for a big trip is to get out your luggage. Instead of the dusty duffel bag from the attic, give the traveller in your life the gift of a stylish, functional suitcase. This large case from Gucci is robust enough to be checked in the hold of a plane, and the wraparound band in green and red plus the patterned reverse are sure to bring some style to the terminal.


2. Leatherology Duffel


Leatherology Duffel


Speaking of overheads, next on our list is a weekend bag that can carry your things as well as add a bit of style to a travel outfit. The Kessler large duffel bag from Leatherology ticks both boxes, with plenty of room for a hot or cold long-weekend getaway and a clean, classic design in high-quality leather that is sure to turn heads.


3. Meller Sunglasses


Dashi Tigris

Dashi Tigris sunglasses


Sunny destinations require a change in eyewear. Meller, a sunglass brand founded in Barcelona, offers a range of stylish choices for the sunseeker. What’s more, they are reasonably priced, meaning none of the horror of losing a favourite pair of sunglasses to a large wave or an airplane’s seatback pocket. The Dashi model is strikingly designed and sure to keep you looking good in warmer climates.



4. Loro Piana Swimwear


Swimwear Loro Piana Womens

Swimwear Loro Piana Mens


Whether you are in your resort pool, swimming in the sea off the Amalfi Coast or a Caribbean island, or taking a plunge in a cold Nordic lake, swimwear is a key component of every traveller’s packing list. These options from Loro Piana combine the subtle style and unmistakable quality expected from the Italian brand.


5. Canada Goose Boots


Canada Goose Journey Boot


Changing gears, any well-prepared traveller needs a good pair of winter boots. The Journey Boot from Canada Goose will help in any winter environment. And as hiking boots become ever more popular in the fashion world, these make a great Christmas present.


6. Mulberry Passport Holder


Mulberry passport holder traveller


After so many uses, even the most carefully handled passport will get worn and beaten without a cover. This green-leather passport holder from Mulberry combines a classic design with high-quality materials to keep travel documents safe without compromising style.


7. Apple AirTag


Apple airtag traveller


In recent years, it feels like anybody on a long-haul flight has at least one luggage disaster story, be that missing, delayed, or shipped off to the wrong destination. Ensure the traveller in your life has supreme piece of mind by giving them the gift of knowledge, specifically the knowledge of where their suitcase is at all times during their journey. Apple’s AirTags have become a staple for seasoned travellers and make an ideal stocking stuffer this Christmas.


8. Loewe AirTag Case


LOEWE Lobster Leather AirTag Case traveller


If you are going to have an AirTag, don’t let it just rattle around in your suitcase—take it as an opportunity to add a compatible luggage tag. This one from Loewe is loud and sure to get people talking. The bright-red leather in the shape of a lobster is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to accessorize a suitcase.


9. Yeti Tumbler


Tumbler YETI Traveller

Drinkware Tumbler YETI Traveller


Everyone knows somebody who won’t drink from the cart on an airplane. No matter how much we reassure them that it is safe, the water or coffee is something they won’t touch. To help this wary traveller stay hydrated, the perfect gift is a tumbler so they can bring their own liquids on board (purchased after security of course). The Yeti Rambler will keep drinks hot or cold, and the variety of colours means everyone can find a perfect vessel.