The 7 Best Homes of the Year

Looking back at the best of NUVO’s Home of the Week.

Over the past year NUVO has shone a light on some of the best new homes in Canada and around the world. As we reach the end of the year, we have rounded up the seven best Homes of the Week from 2023. A varied list, there are similarities throughout with architects overcoming challenging plots of land and a focus on sustainability in design and materials. We hope you enjoy this round up, and if you do, you can sign up for our Home of the Week newsletter to get more of these stories directly into your inbox.


7. Big Sky Beach House by Andrea McLean Studio and the Airey Group


Photo by Ema Peter


6. Home of the Week: Rancho Mirage


Rancho Front Yard 6

Photo by Lance Gerber Studio



Rancho Kitchen 2

Photo by Lance Gerber Studio


5. Home of the Week: Cascina by Jonathan Tuckey Design


Photo by Francesca Ióvene


4. Home of the Week: Gradient House by Linden, Brown Architecture


Exterior shot at night back view

Photo by Jeremy Bittermann


3. Home of the Week: Marine Residence by Openspace Architecture


Photo by Ema Peter


Photo by Ema Peter



2. Home of the Week: MBM House Montreal


MBM House Montreal tudor revival

Photo by Maxime Brouillet

MBM House black staircase by entrance

Photo by Maxime Brouillet


1. Home of the Week: Y House by Saunders Architecture