Beaucoup Bakery Gears Up for the Lunar New Year

Beaucoup Bakery launches specialty items celebrating the Year of the Dragon that will fly off the shelf.

February 10 marks the beginning of the Year of the Dragon. Cities across China and across the world will celebrate the first Year of the Dragon since 2012. In Vancouver, the celebrations will focus on Chinatown, with events such as the Chinatown Spring Parade on February 11, put on by the Vancouver Chinatown Foundation.


Beaucoup Bakery

Not only will there be events and celebrations on the streets, but businesses across the city are also creating special items to be released in tandem with the festivities. Beaucoup Bakery, owned by siblings Jackie and Betty Hung, will offer specialty treats including a sesame tang yuan “cruffin” (a croissant/muffin hybrid), a lucky set of cookies inspired by the classic dragon’s beard candy, and osmanthus peach tiramisu. Dragon’s beard candy is a traditional Chinese sweet comparable to cotton candy and is thought to resemble the whiskers of mythical dragons. The collection of treats can be preordered or purchased in store until the February 11.


Beaucoup Bakery


In addition, Beaucoup Bakery will be collaborating with Chinatown BBQ to release a special savoury pastry for the occasion. The AAA Beef Brisket Curry Cheese Croissant will be available for lucky customers who make their way to the Chinatown Storytelling Centre starting at 11am on February 9-10 as part of the Taste of Chinatown Festival.

Photography by Amy Ho