Vipp V3 Kitchen: An Aluminum Dream

A next step for the refined kitchen and home furnishings company.

The V3 is Vipp’s newest addition to its expanding home furnishings and kitchen portfolio, combining modular functionality with a minimalist design. The third generation of the family-owned company’s kitchen design, V3 differs from the black stainless steel of V1 and the oak and marble of V2 by featuring an anodized aluminum exterior, with curved edges to soften the metallic look and tie in with the brand’s overall aesthetic.


Vipp V3 Kitchen



“The new V3 kitchen allowed us to combine valuable knowhow from our first kitchen with our legacy of metalwork in a visual expression that is both very compelling and innovative,” Vipp CEO Kasper Egelund says. “In addition to the functional nature of the modular kitchen, we were able to introduce one of our trademark materials—extruded aluminium.”


Vipp V3 Kitchen: An Aluminum Dream


Founded in 1939, Vipp has become known for combining everyday functionality with a sleek, minimalist aesthetic. Available in three free-standing elements—island, wall, and tall modules—the V3 can be configured for any kitchen layout. The cabinets have discreetly integrated handles. “A kitchen is a tool, not a decoration,” Egelund says, “and our ambition is to celebrate form and function. I think we have managed to create a unique kitchen that feels like a sculptural piece on its own.


Vipp V3 Aluminum Kitchen