It may seem far-fetched that an item designed for one’s tush might also look handsome hung on a wall, but Yuka Wakamatsu’s hand-woven chair mats are truly just that: multipurpose.

At the heart of any Mardi Gras celebration, alongside deliriously gaudy, bead-spewing parade floats, one will find the King Cake, a chintzy confection celebrants go crazy (crazier?) for.

Luxury resorts are combining two of life’s greatest pleasures—food and travel—by offering hands-on cooking classes.

Though an undeniable statement piece, this smartwatch isn’t for show—it’s one for the bumpy road.

Chairs imitate bodies—from their arms to their backs, legs, and feet. But those bodies need not always be human—sometimes, the muse is an animal; an insect.