You owe it to yourself to put these bottles in the freezer, chill a glass or two or three, depending how willing you are to share, and take these drinks straight up, no chaser.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: There is a story, not apochryphal, of a vendor who insists on making his product, on offer to the public every morning save Sunday, in an immaculately clean machine, with the finest offerings of the cof fea arabica plant roasted and ground just so, and made with special water, the cleanest, softest available.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: The Classic Champagne cocktail, the Red Rose martini, the Grand Cosmo, and more.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: David Foster is forever in blue jeans. It somehow speaks to his Canadian heritage, and perhaps to his musical tastes. His abilities as a producer are pretty much unassailable, but what most folks might not realize is how he recognizes emerging talent and brings it forward.

She has an impressive film resumé. She takes on roles that are varied and wide in scope. She is Naomi Watts.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: The association between fine watches and the sporting world has been in place for a long time. Each and every year at Baselworld, something new and exciting comes to the forefront.

The steep-cliffed, narrow winding roads of the island of Capri can make you feel like you are riding along in the back seat of Cary Grant’s coupe, Grace Kelly fussing with the picnic basket beside him.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: Pat Quinn knows the score. “It’s a profession where people lose their jobs on a regular basis. I’ve been very fortunate to be asked to do something new each time it happened to me.” He never seems to lose sight of this, with his assistants, with his players, with himself.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: It was at a wine festival, with over 700 wines being poured at various booths, and it was my job to taste through as many as possible in a planned, methodical manner. And survive to tell about it.

The annual Baselworld watch and jewellery show eventually, as it was bound to do, outgrew the available exhibition facilities in the Kleinbasel district of Basel, Switzerland, not so far from the picturesque bridge and river winding through the town.