Going for cold.

Founded in the 1950s, Paris-based Club Méditerranée—better known as Club Med—was the first all-inclusive resort company. In the decades since, the French brand has evolved.

Getting by with a little help from his friends.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: David Foster is forever in blue jeans. It somehow speaks to his Canadian heritage, and perhaps to his musical tastes. His abilities as a producer are pretty much unassailable, but what most folks might not realize is how he recognizes emerging talent and brings it forward.

A dessert from Lesley Stowe.

WINTER WHITES: Lesley Stowe (of Raincoast Crisps note) published a new cookbook earlier this month, Desserts From My Kitchen, that is sure to inspire any holiday host.

Lacing them up one last time.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: I look out from behind the chrome-coloured bars of my goalie mask. The play unfolds in the opposing end of McCormick Arena in downtown Toronto, affording me a brief opportunity to observe the odd, albeit cherished, drama that is Thursday night pickup hockey.

Silent nights.

WINTER WHITES: The holidays are filled with noise: merriment, laughter, and the inevitable sound effects of the latest toy or gadget. Thankfully, the Dohm NSF Sound Conditioner offers some tranquility amidst the jingle bell rock.

Hosting and toasting.

A few years ago, over a patio lunch at a restaurant in Toronto’s Yorkville district, Madame Cécile Bonnefond, the former president of Veuve Clicquot, made a lasting impression.

Lord of the brush.

J. R. R. Tolkien’s malevolent dragon Smaug is just one of hundreds of iconic Tolkien characters and mythical landscapes brought to life by visionary illustrator and conceptual artist John Howe.

Cut, copy.

Created in 1829, its inspiration a Spanish folding pocket knife, the Laguiole (pronounced la-yol) is part of culinary history.