Sailor's delight.

There is an old boating adage, courtesy of Benjamin Franklin, that suggests visitors shouldn’t overstay their welcome—this does not apply at Loews Coronado Bay Resort. The hotel compound on San Diego Bay is flush with amenities, beckoning travellers to come, sail, stay awhile.

No one cares.

Call it an epidemic. With the rise in airport muddles, and travel travails, it’s become the customary thing, I’ve noticed, to kvetch—at length, and often to mere acquaintances—about one’s aisle-or-window woes.

At the world’s edge.

Set on 41 marvelous acres along Cox Bay in Tofino, Pacific Sands Beach Resort is fixed in a prime location. Quite frankly, this could be one of the most hauntingly spectacular settings on earth.

A rare breed.

“You throw yourself on the benevolence of the world, believing some kind of wisdom will come of it.” —Canadian explorer Wade Davis

A colourful three-stop tour.

It goes without saying that Las Vegas is a feast for the senses, but there’s another oft-overlooked side to this city. Long lauded for its performance arts, Vegas has seen a renewed interest in other art forms, resulting in visitors and locals alike discovering eye-catching works in surprising places.

Isle of serendipity.

Had one thing not gone according to plan—or, if only some of it had—it is entirely possible that none of this would be here. After all, nearly everything that exists in Coronado is thanks to a series of fortuitous circumstances, generous patrons, and dedicated dreamers.

Stay the night.

For Providence, Rhode Island, with its well-known art and design school, it seems that the Dean Hotel is a long-awaited addition to the city. Located in Providence’s historic Downcity district—the largest contiguous area of National Historic Society-designated buildings in the United States—this 52-room hotel is more than just a place of respite, designed as a reflection of the city’s cultural landscape.

A Thailand retreat.

“It’s not the normal concept of Thailand,” Philip Paxman says as we drive through jungle toward Kanlaya’s Eyrie, the far northern getaway he opened with partner Kanlaya (Gail) Opothisit in the autumn of 2013. Remote, stylish, and sited on a steep mountainside near the Burmese border, it redefines what it means to escape it all—and have paradise waiting for you.