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Little treasures.

When the soft inner body of an oyster is exposed to a foreign object, like a grain of sand, the oyster secretes a substance called nacre. Over time, it encases the irritant in a silky crystalline coating. The result: a pearl.

A dessert from Lesley Stowe.

WINTER WHITES: Lesley Stowe (of Raincoast Crisps note) published a new cookbook earlier this month, Desserts From My Kitchen, that is sure to inspire any holiday host.

Silent nights.

WINTER WHITES: The holidays are filled with noise: merriment, laughter, and the inevitable sound effects of the latest toy or gadget. Thankfully, the Dohm NSF Sound Conditioner offers some tranquility amidst the jingle bell rock.

Hosting and toasting.

A few years ago, over a patio lunch at a restaurant in Toronto’s Yorkville district, Madame Cécile Bonnefond, the former president of Veuve Clicquot, made a lasting impression.

A Vancouver Biennale installation.

More than 1,000 years ago, the Chinese poet Bai Juyi of the Tang Dynasty wrote his famous piece Grass. This poem aptly presents the metaphor used in Ai Weiwei’s new installation of a similar title, located in Harbour Green Park, Vancouver.

Winter wanderlust.

WINTER WHITES: While it’s always nice to be home for the holidays, Christmas can be a time to relax, recharge, and renew with a vacation too.

Magical thinking.

Becoming an artist was never a question for Bobbie Burgers. Over her 20 year career, Burgers has captured the beauty of flowers and natural landscapes in her expressive paintings.

A new era of glamour.

So much has happened at the St. Regis New York, a designated Manhattan landmark with a history that dates back to 1904. The hotel has entered a bold new era of glamour, having completed a $90-million renovation.