Books by Leslie Jamison, Ben Lerner, and Jenny Offill.

There’s no end to the catalogue of ways humans suffer, and manage to inflict suffering: illness and injury, psychic suffering, material deprivation, heartache, loneliness, catastrophe, separation, history, bad luck.

Back to our roots.

David Wiseman’s Wilderness and Ornament installation at New York’s R & Company is reminiscent of a Grimm Brothers’ fairy tale forest: the beauty is at once both glamorous and raw.

Tales from the footlights.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: Theatre is a world of flops and triumphs, in which critical and financial success don’t always collide. It’s a world that David Mirvish, head of Mirvish Productions, knows all too well.

Top brass.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: In the beginning is the sound, an unearthly, beautiful signature trumpet sound. A sound that blooms warm, velvety, broad, majestic, sure. A sound that can bite when it wants to, can riff molto allegro, but is never icy, never shrill, never crackly. A sound that breathes romance, sophistication, and style.

Bocelli in Manhattan.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: The suite at the Righa Royal, a midtown Manhattan hotel, is elegant, but too small for the crowd milling around. It’s cocktail time, but there are no cocktails; tenor Andrea Bocelli, whose temporary refuge this is, must protect his voice from the ravages of alcohol.

The MuseumsQuartier Wien.

Vienna’s appeal is undeniable. The Austrian capital was named the world’s most livable city for the sixth time in a row.

Champagne, nationally.

Champagne has a complex personality; it’s a beverage you ought to get to know and spend time with. Veuve Clicquot’s second annual Yelloweek provides a good opportunity to do so.

Soul-mining music man.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: Producer and musician Daniel Lanois is a master of his craft. He is one of the most distinctive music-makers of his time and he has influenced the career of many well-known musical acts.