Boxed chocolate.

This certainly isn’t Nendo’s first venture into the world of edible delights. With a portfolio including chocolate pencil shavings, Häagen-Dazs ice cream cake villages, and syrup-filled chocolate paint tubes, the Japanese design house is no stranger to the sweet medium.

A collection of outstanding restaurants.

It is, perhaps, one of those eternal questions: “Where should we dine?” Thankfully, in asking ourselves this, we have come up with plenty of answers.

Top tier.

If you’ve ever been in the market for lavish cakes you’ve likely heard the name Sylvia Weinstock. Heralded as the “Leonardo da Vinci of cakes”, Weinstock has created edible masterpieces for everyone from Oprah Winfrey to the Kennedy family.

Made in Italy.

From La Marzocco’s headquarters in Scarperia, just outside of Florence, the Italian king of espresso machinery is still an artisanal operation.

Something’s brewing.

A San Francisco native who grew up in New Jersey, Joey Roth is also a long-distance skateboarder, barbecue enthusiast, and industrial designer who has created items ranging from ceramic speakers to self-watering planters. Last summer, Roth launched version 2.0 of his stainless steel and glass teapot, the Sorapot.

Spring fever.

FROM THE ARCHIVE:  It’s just after 2 p.m. at Spring, the sharp-and-chic restaurant a few blocks from the Louvre in Paris. Chef/owner Daniel Rose, 35, is leaning on the counter of the open kitchen, discussing the daily deliveries with two colleagues.