G. Detou in Paris

If a six-deep battalion of bottles, pots, and packets already line your kitchen shelves, G. Detou is a dangerous place.

Bar none.

“Good things come in threes” goes the old adage. So what do you get when you add a crunchy, chewy base to an unctuous middle and top it all off with a crisp chocolate coating? Do the math and you find a Nanaimo bar in your hand.

"Is this beer for here or to go?"

Vancouver’s brewery, Brassneck, has a unique approach that should help it stand out in a city suddenly crowded with craft breweries.

A cause of urban ennui.

Urbanites do odd things; one of them is eat brunch. Brunch itself is a portmanteau word, jamming two fine and noble concerns, breakfast and lunch, into one Frankenstein event.

San Francisco steeps.

In San Francisco, a city where everyone is working on the next big thing, and with plenty of coffee houses to fuel those working minds, a tea shop on Valencia Street in the Mission district stands still amidst the buzz: the newest addition to the city’s Samovar Tea family.

Serenity served.

When the concrete jungle has lost its charm and New Yorkers tire of seeing plastic bags hanging from tree branches in lieu of leaves, you can find them seeking refuge from the city at the New York Botanical Garden.

Still and sparkling; white, red, and rosé; dry and sweet.

Think of French wine regions, and the Loire Valley is not one that is top of mind.

The British quotient.

Nestled in London’s Knightsbridge district, the Berkeley has been a landmark fixture since the turn of the century. The context of the hotel’s location, mere steps from Hyde Park, makes staying here a classic British experience.

Marc Bourg’s dry-aged steak.

Marc Bourg is pacing around my kitchen like an expectant father. “Is the cast iron skillet ready? Is the oven preheated?”