From coffee lover to connoisseur.

Milano Coffee co-founder Brian Turko has spent the last 31 years blending classic Italian coffee culture with a West Coast disposition.

High-priority pie.

When the President of the United States comes calling, you answer. Even if that means arranging for a full-size, 1,800-kilogram Neapolitan pizza oven to be delivered to the tarmac of Washington’s Paine Field Airport so that you can personally cook for Barack Obama.

Imagine that.

New Vancouver restaurant AnnaLena is a charming homage to youth, as focused on the atmosphere as it is on food.

Serenity served.

When the concrete jungle has lost its charm and New Yorkers tire of seeing plastic bags hanging from tree branches in lieu of leaves, you can find them seeking refuge from the city at the New York Botanical Garden.

Raw appeal.

What is it about an oyster that incites such passion? At any gathering where oysters are served raw and glistening on a bed of crushed ice, a crowd forms quickly, and onlookers lean in to watch the shucker unhinge each bivalve and slice loose the flesh while preserving the prized liquor.

Treasured treat.

Chocolate is the universally loved treat that tempts us everywhere from vending machines to chic boutiques. Amedei, founded in 1990, is a bean-to-bar chocolate maker based in Tuscany.

Shaken, stirred.

An actor’s ability to deliver a line may not only help cement a performance, but it could become a part of history, too. The saying “shaken, not stirred” became immortalized after Sean Connery’s James Bond described his martini preference the 1964 film Goldfinger.

Made in Italy.

From La Marzocco’s headquarters in Scarperia, just outside of Florence, the Italian king of espresso machinery is still an artisanal operation.