A stitch different.

Many fashion brands are named after a designer, founder, or some combination of the two. The exceptions to this are few and far between.

Pattern breaker.

It’s not difficult to feel immediately uplifted upon seeing Toronto-based textile designer Virginia Johnson’s lively prints hanging in her charming studio.

Seaside style.

Club Monaco once again delivers on their promise of classic style, this time collaborating with Place Nationale, the London-based bohemian inspired clothing line and vintage renewal brand.

What's in a purse?

FROM THE ARCHIVE: It would be easy to consider Hermès not dissimilar from other maisons de luxe. Beyond the superficial, however, resides a philosophy and even a philosopher with a belief in the “exquisite perception of the improbable.”

Bridging the gap.

Fair trade is familiar territory for the North American fashion and home decor market, and Far & Wide Collective builds on that recognition by putting a face to each product.

Retro grade.

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Colorado Eighty-Five shoe, J.Crew has partnered with Onitsuka Tiger to release two new outdoor-inspired colourways.