Test drive a supercar.

With a lightweight carbon fiber chassis, a roaring twin-turbo V8 engine, and a seven speed dual-clutch gearbox, the McLaren 650S Spider looks like a rocket on paper—but how does it handle?

Icons of the past, present, and future.

There’s a concept in Denmark that roughly translates to the idea of being cozy. For many, a form of hygge is to spend time nesting somewhere pleasant. So it is no surprise that, in a nation of domestic dwellers and cold winter months, great industrial design is such a prominent feature inside the home.

Designer Kim Haller.

In physics, string theory suggests the universe is made up of tangled strings. While sometimes contested, this concept aptly describes the universe of knitwear designer Kim Haller.

A lesson in style.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: Just hours after arriving in Rome I am already perched at my favorite haunt, Caffe Sant Eustacchio. Located beside the church of the same name, the café serves a special variation on espresso called a Gran Caffe, and it’s worth the extra money they ask. From my table I watch two phantoms trotting casually across the square, looking just as they did in the flesh two years before.

The Omega Speedmaster: first watch on the moon.

The moon is such a familiar sight we often don’t give it a second glance. Yet it was not that long ago that Omega and the rest of the world looked to the moon.

The industry’s biggest names unite for charity.

On November 7, the sixth biennial Only Watch auction will take place to raise money for the Monaco Association Against Muscular Dystrophy.

COS comes to Canada.

Unlike many logos, the COS emblem speaks directly to the label’s sartorial aesthetic: all clean and white, with slender grey shaded lines to create the shapes of letters, it evokes subtle structure and silhouette.

What's fashionable now?

For terribly confusing advice on what to wear this fall, just ask someone who works in fashion. In fact, the better versed a person is in the sartorial milieu of designers and trends on the runways this season, the more inane their answer will be.

Milanese magnetism.

A first for Italian handbag house Valextra, the company tasked an outside designer—London-based Martino Gamper—with redesigning its Milan shop, and also emblazoning new graphic patterns upon one of the brand’s bag collections.