Seaflora: a wild, organic, seaweed skin-care range.

A revival in traditional ways and “simple living” is driving a voracious interest in the wild, the pristine, and the organic—three terms that are epitomized in Seaflora, a certified-organic skin-care line of seaweed-based products.

A fabled formula.

If you’ve ever owned a moisturizer emblazoned with an Aesop logo, chances are you spent a good deal of time marvelling at the store you found it in before picking up any products.

Au naturel.

In 2011, the Seattle kitchen of Alex Kummerow and Julia Wills temporarily became an apothecary while the duo searched for a solution to a skin irritation.

The beauty of science.

The chance to sit down with a leading skin-care scientist doesn’t come along often, if at all. The added insight provided by someone who knows the intricacies of minute, cellular functions at work is critical to achieving the best possible routine and results.

High volume.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: One of the world’s most influential hair stylists, Oribe (pronounced OR-bay) has earned his single-name moniker. Oribe launched an eponymous line of products in 2008, intent on bringing his A-list allure to vanity tables worldwide. Other celebrity hair artists—Sally Hershberger, Orlando Pita, Serge Normant—have transformed their credibility into shampoos, conditioners, and sprays, but what sets Oribe apart is his commitment to what he calls the “total experience” of hair.

Kindred scents in Paris.

FROM THE ARCHIVE:Scent is a finicky thing. Nicolas Cloutier, a Quebec City transplant now living in Paris, knows that personal fragrance is not something to be sniffed at. With a marketing degree from HEC Montréal in his pocket and his heart on his sleeve, the 37-year-old entrepreneur opened Nose, a one-of-a-kind perfume concept store.


There is an uprising happening among today’s modern men. A revolt against the 2-in-1s, the “everywhere” washes, the jack-of-all-trades shaving creams.

Sample savoir-faire.

You don’t know until you try—this statement rings particularly true in the beauty industry. Fortunately, Berlin–based beauty brand Glossybox offers reprieve from commitment via a convenient subscription service.