Fields of Grasse.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: To make its signature No. 5 perfume, Chanel only uses the very best Rosa centifolia, which has come from the same fields in Provence for the last 89 years.

Handle with care.

Shampoo is designed for one simple purpose: to clean hair. But could the rinse-lather-repeat ritual do more harm than good?

The next generation.

Prisca Courtin-Clarins, one of four heiresses to the family-owned Clarins beauty empire, has a career that may just be the envy of all women.

Liquid clean.

For many of us, health and wellness are a top priority, if not the leading item on our resolution list. While we may succeed in reaching for our gym pass or quinoa salad, one area often overlooked is oral healthcare.

Replenishing remedies.

Lifestyle, whether it’s diet, sleep, or emotional state, can be reflected in the skin’s appearance, and it’s for that reason that some skin-care brands are looking to address the root causes of our complexion woes.

The new generation of makeup brushes.

Makeup brushes have long been underappreciated. Often used incorrectly, the brush has an ongoing relationship with its makeup counterparts and the faces they inhabit.

A clinical approach to beauty.

The effusive Dr. Philippe Allouche about the healing power of the hand, skin-care tips while travelling, and his golden rule: extractions are forbidden.

World Oceans Day.

Covering more than 70 per cent of the Earth’s surface, our planet’s aquatic expanses are constant sources of inspiration, adventure, and most importantly, vitality. On June 8, we celebrate the largest of these ecosystems on World Oceans Day.

A Covent Garden concept store.

A 16-foot digital chandelier of multiple hanging screens is just one of the show-stopping pieces inside the Burberry Beauty Box. The concept store integrates Burberry’s fashion and beauty products with digital technology.