The new generation of makeup brushes.

Makeup brushes have long been underappreciated. Often used incorrectly, the brush has an ongoing relationship with its makeup counterparts and the faces they inhabit.

A clinical approach to beauty.

The effusive Dr. Philippe Allouche about the healing power of the hand, skin-care tips while travelling, and his golden rule: extractions are forbidden.

World Oceans Day.

Covering more than 70 per cent of the Earth’s surface, our planet’s aquatic expanses are constant sources of inspiration, adventure, and most importantly, vitality. On June 8, we celebrate the largest of these ecosystems on World Oceans Day.

A Covent Garden concept store.

A 16-foot digital chandelier of multiple hanging screens is just one of the show-stopping pieces inside the Burberry Beauty Box. The concept store integrates Burberry’s fashion and beauty products with digital technology.

Catching rays.

While it may seem early to plan the contents of your beach tote, Aerin Lauder’s Beach Cream is a summer staple that will be snatched up quickly when it hits counters again in June.

The new Rose de Mai cream.

Chantecaille celebrates its 15th anniversary this year with the release of its new Rose de Mai cream. The ancient Rose de Mai bloom in May in the fields of Grasse, Provence, and are selected for their extraordinary anti-aging properties and enchanting fragrance.

Natural blends.

The list reads like a garden inventory: daisies, poppies, carrots, strawberries, ginger, peppermint, lavender. And yet, it’s simply a sample menu of ingredients you may find in the composition of a Dr. Hauschka product.

Blurring the lines.

Snap. An image is captured—whether you wanted it to be or not. These days, it seems almost impossible to take a breath without someone photographing it, uploading it, and sharing it with others across the cyber-abyss.

Celebrating our 15th anniversary.

Over 15 years, we have examined the art and science of beauty rituals and the painstaking precision required to create some of the finest products on the market.