The porch of Beira Mar, a traditional Swahili house renovated by a local family.

Photo Essay: Ilha De Mozambique

The personality of the island is captured through the lens of photographer Raquel Guiu.

In her work, Barcelona-based travel photographer Raquel Guiu plays with sunlight to embrace what makes a place and its people unique. For her Ilha de Mozambique series, she travelled to the coral reef island four kilometres off the coast of Mozambique’s mainland and explored all its corners through her lens. “I needed to capture the scent of the ocean, the whitewashed walls that have lived through so many conquests, the warmth of its people, in order to express some feelings that words could not explain,” she says. It was when she was studying advertising and graphic design that she noticed the storytelling power images carried and began experimenting with the ways photography could be used to explore a place. “I feel inspired by the daily details that make us different and those tiny parts that create the identity of the destination,” Guiu says. “No matter where the project takes me to, the images always end up giving a sense of humanity that feels the same in every corner of the world.”


The main beach of the island during sunset next to Fortaleza de São Sebastião.


Julinho, Beira Mar staff member, on the unspoiled coastline of the peninsula.


Igreja da Nossa Senhora da Saúde, founded by Capuchin friars in 1633.


Locals play games every day during sunset at the main beach.

To view more of Raquel Guiu’s work, visit @rachelweider.