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Content trends come and go, but the ones that endure for years speak to a shared cultural interest. In the case of The Sorry Girls ten year history on Youtube the interest is design and environmentalism, with their channel sitting at the intersection of the two.

Michael Green talks about Canada’s wood resources and climate change.

In the last few years, the environmental consequences of cement and plastic have become dire. With this in mind, the government of British Columbia has undertaken a new initiative to fund and explore the building of massive wooden structures.

From soil to bottle and everything in between.

Like wine regions the world over, Napa Valley has adopted certification programs to help wine-producers do their bit to roll back environmental degradation and regenerate the land.

A Canadian fashion legacy.

Known as Canada’s fashion capital, Montreal is the third leading city in North America for clothing manufacturing and houses over 70 per cent of businesses in the clothing and fashion sector.

Sand and shade in Santa Fe.

Scott Specht says that his greatest influence for Sangre de Cristo House was the Land art movement, which has always worked well with the expansive natural canvas that is the desert.