Olmsted Outerwear’s Custom Parkas Are Unbelievably Cool, and Sustainable

Timeless silhouettes, sustainable luxury.

Montreal-based brand Olmsted Outerwear is bringing function, luxury, style, and sustainability to winter attire. The custom made-to-order parkas combine timeless silhouettes with durable construction that is designed to last through the harshest Canadian winters.



Founder and designer Mélanie Ellezam deliberately avoids seasonal collections by ignoring trend cycles and instead creating pieces that will hold their appeal for years to come. By using sustainable practices to hand-construct each piece, Olmsted challenges outerwear conventions by refraining from the use of plastics and polymers and only using naturally renewable materials such as eiderdown and eco-friendly waxed cotton. Each garment has a low carbon footprint and can return safely to the earth after years of use.



The brand was named after American landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted, who designed New York’s Central Park and Mount Royal Park in Montreal. He believed the outdoor spaces he crafted became more beautiful over time. The more love and care we show our environment, the more likely that future generations will get to enjoy them as well—values that hold true for Olmsted Outerwear.