Eco-Friendly Nayara Tented Camp in Costa Rica

Take the plunge.

We’ve written before about the not-so-far future of eco-friendly luxury travel. Now, the San Francisco/Johannesburg-based firm Luxury Frontiers has introduced a light and non-intrusive safari-style resort in Arenal Volcano National Park in Costa Rica. This sustainable hotel is changing the game for luxury travel in Central America, and has been named one of the best new sustainable hotels by Conde Nast Traveler.


Nayara from above.


Nearly 8,000 metres of running canvas was custom dyed for the accommodations, which are connected by covered walkways.


The Arenal Volcano.


The public areas provide stunning views of the countryside and volcanic peaks. It is a hallmark of sustainable design to not only use materials and energy thoughtfully, but to use the design to frame the natural surroundings. The dyed tents blend seamlessly into the surroundings so that visitors feel that they are really a part of the environment.


The rooms are inspired by safari-style tents and local wood hues.


The accommodations average out at 1,496 square feet each, and the designers did not skimp on the material or aesthetic of the decorations. Additionally, each accommodation has a private plunge pool. As remote becomes more and more the keyword of luxury travel, sustainable and seamless interface with the environs should continue to be paramount in design.


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