An Easter French Hen

Alain Ducasse and Pierre Tachon’s contemporary chocolate chicken.

Easter French Hen

The chocolate hen French designer Pierre Tachon has created in collaboration with La Manufacture de Chocolat d’Alain Ducasse for Easter 2016 has something of a jewellery piece about it—its body is comprised of a faceted, inverted diamond shape, and the simple triangular forms of its tail and beak capture a hen’s likeness with subtle grace. Indeed, Tachon was inspired by jewel-cutters when conceiving the piece, spending months prototyping chocolate moulds to achieve the ultimate geometric-avian effect. The final product comes filled—should you have the heart to crack it—with crispy almond-praline eggs, and joins Ducasse’s tempting line-up of sophisticated Easter treats, including nut praline-filled eggshells and an assortment of solid chocolates shaped like bivalves and fish by antique candy moulds.

Photo: Pierre Tachon/Alaine Ducasse