NUVO’s Best of 2019: Beauty

We have uncovered the truth behind some of the beauty industries most hotly debated topics and rounded up the best places and products that Canada has to offer. Here are just a few of our best beauty stories of the year (and there were a lot to choose from). Check out our beauty tab for other stories that couldn’t fit on this list, like vegan beauty and ethical glitter.


1. The Truth About Clean Beauty


2. Canada’s Best Small-Batch, Handmade Soaps


3. Six Luxe Nail Bars Across Canada Redefining the Contemporary Salon Experience

4. Eight Skin Care and Grooming Products for Men


5. Sunday Night Hair Mask Recipe


6. Eleven Must-Know Canadian Beauty Brands


7. A Tata Harper Spa Opens in Montreal at Last


8. The Mineral vs Chemical Sunscreen Debate


9. Volition Beauty is Reinventing the Industry with a Crowd-Sourcing System


10. Vancouver’s Fig is More Than a Pretty Facial Bar


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