TOBi explores themes as vulnerability, masculinity, and countering negative Black stereotypes across his unapologetic soul music.

Titled 1932, the collection revolves around three celestial symbols: the stars, the moon, and the sun. There are 77 pieces, 13 of which are transformable—from necklace to brooch, necklace to ring—containing sapphires, fancy-coloured diamonds, opals, rubies, spinels, and tanzanites.

From plaids to prep, coats to one-pieces, and knits to suiting, there are plenty of wardrobe options this season.

Regardless of what creative exploit she takes on, a fundamental part of Evelyne Brochu always shines through, a bit of her soul that gives her performances a level of depth, whether on an album or a screen.

Brooches are enjoying a revival, and most importantly, they have shed their reputation as being reserved for women of a certain age. The jewellery piece has evolved into a staple statement not just for special occasions but also for the everyday.

With crisp autumnal days and misty mornings on the horizon, we wrap ourselves in cozy knits, rich velvets, and textured tweeds.

Nineties fashion is back, and with it has come the return of skatecore. It was in the 1990s that skateboarding turned from niche to mainstream and widespread adoption of skate culture and fashion took place. Today, the look is on trend once again with major designers and brands embracing the skater style—Malik Walker takes to the Vancouver streets.

Bound in stasis, the poem of the body gathers energy. Through entanglement and repose, the clothing appears to wear the body as lovers meet, new possibilities emerge as the garment takes over, and limbs disappear in a collage of equilibrium.

Yet, for all its sonic flourishes and upbeat tempos, Clerel’s music is deceptively melancholy; a closer listen reveals his lyrical tendency toward nostalgia and heartbreak. It makes sense, though, when we remember that an urgent affinity for American soul music was the catalyst for his art to begin with.

Our cover story tests the limits of style without a human subject, projecting the absences that have defined the year.

La Mar Taylor is fostering Toronto’s next generation of global superstars at his creative incubator HXOUSE.