Sammy wears Gucci with matching handbag. Pedro wears Gucci suit; Christian Louboutin slides.

Sartorial Prose: A Collage of Equilibrium

Beauty entangled.


Bound in stasis, the poem of the body gathers energy. Through entanglement and repose, the clothing appears to wear the body as lovers meet, new possibilities emerge as the garment takes over, and limbs disappear in a collage of equilibrium.


Sammy and Pedro wear Boss looks.


Sammy and Pedro wear Alexander McQueen.


Sammy wears Stella McCartney top, available at Holt Renfrew; The Attico leggings, available at Nordstrom; Christian Louboutin sandals; Alexander McQueen bag with rings.


Sammy wears Fendi dress; Tiffany & Co. Knot drop earrings in 18-karat yellow gold with diamonds, Knot bangle in 18-karat yellow gold, and Knot ring in 18-karat yellow gold. Pedro wears Bottega Veneta top, available at Nordstrom.


Sammy wears Hermès.


Sammy wears Thom Browne dress and sweater, available at Holt Renfrew; Prada shoes available at Nordstrom. Pedro wears Thom Browne pants, top, and sweater, available at Holt Renfrew; Hugo Boss shoes.


Sammy wears Louis Vuitton; Tiffany & Co. Knot bangle in 18-karat yellow gold. Pedro wears Louis Vuitton.


Sammy wears Chanel.


Models: Sammy Humphries and Pedro Giafferis for Lizbell Agency. Hair and Makeup: Win Liu for Lizbell Agency. Assistant Photographer: Bree Avery. Assistant Stylist: Hana Pesut