It’s tough to be a conscious consumer. Still, people are increasingly striving to reduce their impact on the planet, wielding their purchasing power to support socially responsible, eco-friendly brands.

Whether you’re enjoying the occasional (and cautious!) meal out, or planning for post-COVID date nights, these new eateries should definitely be on your radar.

In the perfume industry—a world notoriously blurred by the mist of proprietary knowledge—the convention is companies’ refusal to reveal their ingredients, exploiting the legal leeway that permits them to tuck products’ contents from view.

If you’re searching for a meaningful way to fill your sudden excess of time (as well as your pantry), consider experimenting with fermentation, an age-old food preservation technique that supports gut health and boosts immune function.

In the past few years, a hair removal technique called “sugaring” has hit the mainstream, emerging as a trendy alternative to traditional waxing.

Turrón is a deceivingly simple confection. In its most basic form, it contains just three components: toasted almonds, egg whites, and honey.