The Best of NUVO 2020

A year in review.

Errolson Hugh: The Canadian Designer Behind Berlin-based Apparel Brand Acronym

Errolson Hugh graced the cover of our winter issue in a dramatic photoshoot that mirrors his apocalyptic-chic style.


The Essence of Cottage by YH2 Architecture

The Autumn issue featured the pinnacle of coziness and modesty, Window on the Lake. Even the cottage’s smidgeons of coarse imperfection make it perfect.


NUVO Magazine: The Structures of Culture

Canadian Culture Goes Even More Digital During Pandemic

When we all transitioned to working from home (something that now feels routine), our editors pulled together a list of online resources for a daily dose of Canadian culture, even amidst a pandemic.


Prefabricated Living Spaces Are Coming Into Their Own

Housing seems to be a hot topic no matter where you go. Prefabricated homes and startups offering DIY kits seem to be one of the answers to the problem of accessible extra space.


Canadian Urban Legends

This year NUVO launched a series dedicated to the weird and wonderful contemporary myths across Canada. From ghost ships to old hags, we are making our way across the country story by story.


The Best of Canadian Style

NUVO has always dedicated itself to featuring the best of Canadian artisan and craftsmanship. These round-ups explore integral Canadian fashion and the designers behind it.


What Comes after Phyllis Ellis’s Documentary Toxic Beauty?

When Phyllis Ellis’s harrowing documentary released in 2019 it rocked the world of beauty-users. A year later, we sat down with the writer and filmmaker to discuss the consequences of the knowledge that she uncovered about toxicity in the beauty industry and how to move forward.


8 Alberta Chalets and Cabins to Cozy Up in This Winter

These hotels and rentals feel like vacationing in a snow globe and provide the winter wonderland escapism that we are all craving.


The Philosophy of Meme Culture

This essay from our spring issue answers the question: what can memes tell us about Gen Z, the most socially-conscious and digitally-connected generation?


Fisun Ercan Is a Turkish Chef in the Countryside of Quebec

Our spring issue featured chef Fisun Ercan who discusses her method of cooking with senses rather than recipes.