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Milano Master Class Series

From coffee lover to connoisseur.

Milano Coffee co-founder Brian Turko has spent the last 31 years blending classic Italian coffee culture with a West Coast disposition. His work hasn’t gone unnoticed by coffee aficionados and experts, having been awarded six gold medals by Italy’s International Institute of Coffee Tasters within the span of the last three years. Milano Coffee has also established a group of enthusiastic customers who frequent Vancouver’s three locations as well as the recently opened Toronto café.

Now Turko is bringing his expansive knowledge of coffee to the public by offering a three-part Master Class series at the Milano Roasters Campus at 156 West 8th Avenue in Vancouver. Participants will sample four single-origin coffees as well as three Milano Master Reserve Espressos, discovering the flavor profiles and roasting methods behind Milano’s award-winning beans. Turko aims to emphasize the inherent simplicity of coffee tasting, so the Master Class series will focus on acidity, body, aroma, and flavour, or what he calls “the four key pieces”. Registration is limited to eight people per session.

Classes will take place on the last Saturday of May, June, and July. Each class will focus separately on Turko’s key pieces, and classes can be taken as a three-part course or individually, allowing students to customize their learning experience—one shot or two.